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Carolyn S

"Quick and easy."

Umair S

"It is good."

James S


Dondi S


Allen W S

"very fast and easy"

Linda M

"Thank for the easy to understand instructions and completion process. It was very fast!!"

Hsi C

"It is pretty good to compare other airlines fare."

Daniel C


Stephanie P

"Easy and quick"

Aaron S


Wesley S

"first time I have used this site, hope the flights work out, prices were reasonably priced and the site was easy to use."

Guadalupe M R

"Well, over all it was a good process, slightly confusing for the uninitiated at the beginning, it was my first time"

Kimberly N

"very good"

Jose M

"Shopping was nice and easy."

Jackie M


Victoria M


Robert C

"Had a hard time figuring out the charge for a carry on. We will have 2 carry on's? Is there a charge and if so what can we do to lower it or get it removed? Please advise."

Shirley P



"Prompt, easy"

Umair S

"Very Cheap!"

Daryoush H

"Quick and fast"


"Why did I have to pay $15 for a seat my seat mate did not have to pay for on the American Eagle flight to Manchester? In fact, any seat I selected involved an additional cost. I would have appreciated area to note I was enrolled in Precheck. However, when I called about that issue, a representative did call me and assure me my ticket would include that status. I was impressed by that. Your price was good, and I had no complaints about the process."

Umair S

"very easy and cheap!"

Diwan P

"it was very good experience.thank you"

Shirley P

"It was good."


"very quick"

Michael C

"Excellent service"

Jo Ann S

"It was easy for me and I am 72 years old my Daughter always do it For me. But this time I did it myself."

Fabian A A

"there was so fast and you shows a lot of options"

Danny E


Maynard D

"Service great. Easy to follow and understand"

Frederick Y


Barbara D B

"Very quick service"

Brenda W

"Thank God I found you--the American site was giving me quite a runaround!"

John B

"Great $ and easy booking"

Celso B

"good prices, quick"

Jane G


Peter S

"cheap flight"

Roberta G


Anthony T


Glenda B

"This is my fourth time to use WhatsCheaper and each time it has been easy and convenient. I will continue to use this service and I have recommended to everyone I know. Thank you."

Janice J

"Splendid. Easiest site to deal with so far."

John M

"Great, quick and easy"



Debabrata S

"excellent quick service"

Kathryn L

"So far so good!"

Michael A A

"There should a sapce to pay for your carry on luggage."

Barbara B

"Was helpful!"

Samuel G

"It was easy and very convenient making my reservations. thank you."

Michael B

"Very easy"

Sheila T

"Very Pleased , fast service"



Bernard S

"let me know when you have more flights like this"

Jazmin G

"it was excellent. thank you"



Christine S


Jeff B

"This was quick and easy."

Angie S

"they changed the price"

Frances R

"I didn't understand the word numeric, now I ,earned something. Ha ha Thank you"

Sandra P


Robyn B


Chris P

"the best"

Milagros M

"thank you"

Matthew G

"Thank you for your great service"

Mary C

"as long as the tickets are good it was a great experience"

Phoebe H

"Easy but I did not know until I needed to change myu return that it was a non refundable ticket. I did have to change plans because of a funeral."

Stella O

"Simple and to the point. Easy to use."

Edward M

"It was ok"

Dennis L

"fine I got a direct flight for a good price but I didn't see a place to pre-pay luggage"

Jeffrey A


Ronald W

"The process was quick and efficient."

Christi H

"Quick and easy"

Cora L T

"Quick & Easy"


"GREAT- had to cancel trip and reschedule due to knee surgery and recovery. They worked with me to get a new reservation which i appreciated. We communicated via email not phone. A little hesitant but it worked out well. I would recommend to use WhatsCheaper! "

Dorothy Y

"IT was very easy"

Jerry T



"Your service is great and excellent"

Ann L

"So far so good! As long as nothing goes wrong with my airline tickets, I am happy!"

Charles L

"Great site"

Barbara F

"Easy to maneuver through the process"

Bonnie L

"It was quick and easy."

Jennifer E

"Easy to book"

James S

"Great services"

Melisa O

"so easy and quick"

Amalia V

"thank you"

John P

"Shopping good as long as I get what I paid for."

Felix T

"very easy instructions"

Richard K

"Keep up the good work."

Richard M




Don B

"Great experience!"

Anita D


Karen C

"Quick and easy!"