By Jasmine McGee

Mexico is a prime destination for Spring break and weekend party getaways, but it’s also the perfect vacation spot for a nice relaxing day on the beach surrounded by beautiful people, vibrant culture, and great music. If you’re looking for the best in music, relaxation, beach views, and nightlife, then next time you consider taking a trip to Mexico, think about visiting the city of Acapulco.

Planning your trip to Acapulco is simple thanks to’s flight finder. The city of Acapulco has an international airport, General Juan N. Álvarez International Airport (ACA). The airport is conveniently located in Acapulco, Mexico and can help you book your trip. Click here ( to begin planning your trip to the beautiful city of Acapulco. Once you’ve got your itinerary set the next step is to find the right accommodation. Whether it’s a vacation rental or a luxury hotel, can help you reserve your accommodation. Click the following link ( to find the perfect spot to stay.

Once you’ve arrived in Acapulco, you’ve got to start your trip off right. After your bags have been unpacked it’s time to head straight to the nearest beach for some fun in the sun. Be sure to grab some sunscreen because you’ll want to spend hours relaxing on some of the cities best beaches. The beaches are great for the outgoing tourists who love waverunners, ATVs, parasailing, horseback riding, and other water related activities. For a fee you can even swim with the dolphins. Some noteworthy beaches to check out are Caleta Beach, Icacos Beach, Condesa Beach, Puerto Marques, and for a more exclusive private beach visit Revolcadero Beach located near the Princess Hotel.

The beaches of Acapulco have a lot to offer, but you’ll also want to dive into some of the city’s rich history and culture. Old Acapulco is a historic area of town that is home to a lot of history. The Museo Histórico de Acapulco  (Acapulco History Museum) is located in Fuerte de San Diego, a fort that was originally constructed in 1616 to fend off pirate attacks. Inside the museum you can see a large collection of religious objects, fabrics, artifacts, drawings, and other interesting antiquities.  Once you’ve enjoyed the treasures of the museum, you might want to head over to the Museo Histórico Naval de Acapulco  (Historic Naval Museum) to learn about the area’s naval history.

A visit to Mexico, especially Acapulco, isn’t complete with enjoying the shops, nightlife, and cuisine. Artisans’ Mall is a great destination for tourists looking for arts & crafts souvenirs from local artists, jewelers, designers, and crafters. The mall is located across from Plaza Bahia and tourists are bound to find something unique to take home and showcase to their friends & family. For a more traditional mall experience a tourist may also want to visit La Gran Plaza, which happens to be one of the largest traditional malls in Acapulco.

Once you’ve finished shopping and checking out some of the areas local restaurants, you’ll want to head back to your hotel and change into something comfortable for a night on the town. At night the city comes to life with lights, music, and dancing. Acapulco has a lot of great bars and nightclubs that are worth checking out. Be sure to hit the main strip in Las Brisas and get lost in the music and vibrant culture. recommends that you spend your day relaxing on the beach and sightseeing, but use the evenings to enjoy the nightlife and culture that Acapulco has to offer. If you’re looking for fun in the sun and a great nightlife experience, then let help you book & plan your next trip to the beautiful city of Acapulco, Mexico.


  • 1. Caleta Beach
  • 2. Historic Museum of Acapulco
  • 3. Old Acapulco
  • 4. Condesa Beach
  • 5. Acapulco Botanical Garden
  • 6. Historic Naval Museum
  • 7. Amazing World
  • 8. Revolcadero Beach
  • 9. La Gran Plaza
  • 10. Artisans' Mall


  • 1. Acapulco Carnival - February
  • 2. Festival Francés - March
  • 3. Tianguis Turistico - April
  • 4. Acapulco Music Festival - May
  • 5. Acafest - May
  • 6. Dia de la Marina - June
  • 7. Independence Day - September
  • 8. Dia de la Raza - October
  • 9. State of Guerraro Anniversary - October
  • 10. Acapulco Fair - December