By Jennifer Levin

Aguascalientes, located in Mexico, means “hot waters” in Spanish and is so-called because of the several hot springs in the area. The capital city of Augascalientes has impressive architecture, street vendors selling colorful arts and crafts, great food and several significant museums and theaters.

Augascalientes is home to the Lic. Jesús Terán Peredo International Airport, also known as Augascalientes International Airport, which offers domestic and international flights from cities in Mexico and Texas. When you’ve decided when to visit this exciting Mexican city, book your flight with here ( There are several well-located hotels to choose from in Augascalientes. Choose from among the luxurious and economical options and then book your stay with (

The city is also home to beautiful historical buildings that exist alongside the modern heart of the town. There are several sites that recommends you work into your visit. The Museo de Augascalientes, or Augacsalientes Museum, is one of the most outstanding art museums in all of Mexico. The museum is in a Classical-style building. Another must-see is the State History Museum, which is in an Art Noveau-style mansion. Augascalientes has a few colonial monuments to boast of as well. You should also check out the Palacio Municipal (Municipal Palace) along with the Palacio Gobierno (Government Palace). Finally, the cathedral in Augascalientes is not to be missed.

Once you’ve had your daily fill of wandering the streets and are ready to relax for the evening, recommends indulging in some of the fantastic cuisine the city has to offer. Meat is central to most of the regional dishes; try menudo, also known as pancita, a soup made of beef stomach and herbs. Or try the gorditas rellenos, corn cakes fried and stuffed with meat, beans, or vegetables. There are many restaurants in the city within with you can find authentic dining options.

Work off the rich food before taking in a show by meandering among the streets and looking for souvenirs; the local crafts are among the many options you’ll enjoy perusing while you look for treasures and trinkets to bring back home.

Augacalientes offers some interesting and varied nighttime entertainment. recommends looking into the town’s theater options. The Teatro Augascalientes is the city’s most well-known theater and opera house and is worth a visit even if you don’t have the time to catch a show.

The city is known as the site of some of the best festivals and parties in all of Mexico. There are frequent street festivals and most feature live music. The San Marcos fair, a large Mexican festival, is held annually in Augascalientes from mid-April to early May (dates vary). recommends visiting Augascalientes during this time period if you can swing it, as the festival is truly an epicenter of Mexican culture. Bullfighting and musical performances are only two of the types of entertainment you’ll find at this exciting event.

If enjoy experiencing new cities but also like the outdoors, recommends renting a car and traveling to the state’s Natural Protected Reserve, Sierra Fria. The reserve boasts forests of oak and pine along with diverse wildlife including boar, lynx and white-tailed deer.

Augascalientes is a popular destination for Mexican residents and international tourists alike. It’s centrally located and home to sites of national industrial production, convention centers which attract events and meetings, festivals that represent much of the local culture and of course, fabulous food.

Augascalientes offers something for travelers of every taste: superior museums, buildings rich with the city’s history, impressive surrounding countryside and diverse entertainment options. is confident that no matter how you choose to fill your days and evenings there, you’ll enjoy your stay. We remind you to check the US State Department for any travel advisories in the area.

MUST SEE IN Aguascalientes LIST:

  • 1. Plaza de la Patria
  • 2. Jose Guadalupe Posada Museum
  • 3. Estadio Victoria
  • 4. Basilica de la Asuncion
  • 5. San Antonio Temple
  • 6. Aguascalientes Museum
  • 7. San Marcos Garden
  • 8. Hot Springs
  • 9. Museum of Contemporary Art
  • 10. Museum of Regional History

Aguascalientes EVENT CALENDAR:

  • 1. San Marcos Fair - April
  • 2. Festival de Musica de Camara - July