Belize City
By Hannah Shambroom

Nestled along a picturesque bay in the Caribbean Sea between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize beckons visitors of all ages and interests with offerings of natural beauty and rich culture. Belize City, the country’s largest city, is a great place to start your adventures. Situated on the east coast at the mouth of the Belize River, the city itself presents visitors with fascinating history and gorgeous natural scenery, as well as being a convenient embarking point for day trips to other parts of Belize. invites you to book your next vacation to Belize City, Belize.

The only Central American country to use English as its official language, Belize is easily accessible from most major US cities. Commence your journey by flying into the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport (PGIA), about an 18km scenic coastal drive from Belize City. If you want to fly more directly into the city itself, book a flight through the Belize City Municipal Airport (TZA), only a mile from the city center. can assist in booking your flight reservations; click ( to get started today! can also assist with your accommodations using our hotel booker ( Book your travel now for November-May to take advantage of the idyllic weather of the high season, or book June-December for unbeatable deals with an equally enjoyable climate.

Nature lovers, scuba enthusiasts, and history buffs alike will delight in the unmarred beauty of Belize City’s landscape. Reefs, cays, islands, rivers, beaches, jungles, mountains, and Mayan ruins present unrivaled ecotourism opportunities to travelers looking to take advantage of the city’s natural sights. recommends starting your tropical vacation off right by relaxing on one of the coastal city’s many beautiful palm-lined beaches. For the active traveler, the landscape running along the coastline also features tropical rainforests and ancient ruins, defining elements of Belize’s cultural history. A former colonial capital with a Mayan past, Belize City offers both traditional colonial architecture in its streets, as well as monumental remnants of Mayan civilization in the mountains. Mayan culture was prominent in Belize until about 800AD, when European influence began to take over. The country was a British colony until 1964, at which point it was granted self-government under the name of British Honduras. Christened Belize in 1973, it attained full independence in 1981. Today, fragments of the country’s ancient and colonial heritages combine to form a distinctly Belizean culture.

Experience Belize City’s complex and rich heritage by hiking through Blue Hole National Park, abundant with wildlife and exotic plants. Forest trails wind down past waterfalls, leading to the eponymous pool at the base. Adventurous travelers looking to escape the tropical heat can explore St. Herman’s Cave, which is a recommendation by A guide can lead you through the dark caverns, pointing out the eerie looking rock formations on the interior.

Many of these mountain trekking adventures lead to Mayan artifacts and ruins. For those who aren’t hikers, suggests public transportation in Belize City, which leads to a number of the best Mayan sites, including Nohmul, Corozal, and Lamanai. Information about these sites and more can be obtained at the Association of Belizean Archaeology at the Center for Environmental Studies in Belize City.

For anyone interested in diving into the clear turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea, the Belize Barrier Reef cannot be beat. The second-longest barrier reef in the world, it offers scuba divers the unparalleled opportunity to see exotic reef-life and fish, including the Caribbean reef shark and Blacktip shark. suggests taking a boat out for a full day diving trip and visit the Great Blue Hole, a large sinkhole off the coast of Belize City. Made famous by Jacques Cousteau, who once called the site one of the top ten scuba destinations in the world, it is perfect for recreational as well as more advanced scuba divers.

Stepping away from the natural beauty of the setting, one can spend a day exploring what the streets of Belize City have to offer. Downtown, vendors sell fruits and vegetables while artisans display their crafts in public squares. The neighborhood by the former Customs Wharf is now home to the Belize Tourism Village, the best area of the city in which to find souvenirs, internet cafes, and food courts.  Another not-to-miss spot downtown is St. John’s Cathedral, the oldest Anglican cathedral in Central America and the oldest standing structure in Belize. Those looking to learn more about the history of the country should visit the Museum of Belize, a former colonial prison now holding British and Mayan artifacts.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing tropical escape, an exciting adventure holiday, or simply to experience Central American heritage, Belize City, Belize has it all. can assist with all of your needs, just click on the above links to get started today.


  • 1. Belize Zoo
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  • 3. Bannister Island
  • 4. Belize Tourism Village
  • 5. Museum of Belize
  • 6. Government House
  • 7. Cave Tubing & Jungle Trek Tour
  • 8. Saint John's Cathedral
  • 9. Old Belize Cultural & Historic Center
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  • 1. Fiesta de Carnaval - February
  • 2. International Bullfish Tournament - February
  • 3. La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge - March
  • 4. Cross Country Classic - April
  • 5. Sovereign's Day - May
  • 6. Belize International Film Festival - July
  • 7. Belize National Fire Service Olympiad - July
  • 8. Garifuna Settlement Day