By Christine M. Soltis

Enjoy a growing tourist town complete with a coastline filled by sandy beaches.  Make a visit to Old Town and enjoy historical sites.  Visit Budva, Montenegro for your next treat of a vacation.
On your way to Budva, Montenegro, find flights from the smaller, seasonal Tivat Airport (TIV).  Also, be sure to check out Podgorica Airport (TGD), which is a bit further away but should land you there just the same. WhatsCheaper.com provides this link to book a flight: (https://www.whatscheaper.com/flight.php).  Also, pick hotel accommodations here: (https://www.whatscheaper.com/hotel.php).

Within this growing tourist town, enjoy one of the most attractive coastlines around with 17 different beaches to choose from.  WhatsCheaper.com recommends that first; you stop at Petrovac, which can be found near the town.  Here, you will find thick forestry, exceptional beach choices and historical-cultural monuments.  Among the nearby beaches are Sveta Nedjelja, Lucice and Perazica Do, which are some of the best beaches to be found in the Riviera of Budva.  While at this little settlement of Petrovac, visit Fortress Kastelo, which was created when the Venetians ruled long ago.  If you’re a diver, gear up for a stop at the two nearby small islands of Sveta Nedjelja and Katic.

Another big Budva attraction lies within Old Town, their trademark area.  WhatsCheaper.com suggests a visit to this raised area of the island, which is said to have unique architectural development.  The walls alone within Old Town are an attraction, which date back once again to the times of Venetian rule.  Within the Old Town in Budva, WhatsCheaper.com also recommends a stop at the Fortress Citadel, which is now used as a stage for the famous City Theater.  The streets within old town may have you feeling like you have ventured back to another time of mazes and labyrinths.  This latter middle century construction is filled with towers, braided streets, and squares, with plenty more areas to please the eyes.  While there, continue your journey with a visit to some of their historic sites such as the Church of St. Ivan (Sveti Ivan), the Church of St. Trinity (Sveti Trojica) and the oldest edifice from 840 AD, the St. Marija (Sveti Marija).

If learning more of history is in your interests, in the center of Old Town, you will find the Ethnographic Museum.  Inside, you will discover jewelry, ornaments, tools, clay creations, vases and more that are important to the town of Budva and its mixture of multi-cultures such as the Greek, Byzantine, Roman and Slovenian, just to name a few. 

WhatsCheaper.com recommends that you take some time to visit the Island of Sveti Stefan.  Known for its glamour and touristy design, some of the most glorious and elite tourists have found their way here to enjoy this exclusive resort area.  If you crave glamour, then this is the place for you to visit.  In the past, this area was utilized by the Pastrovici tribe as a defense area against enemies.  Narrow, curvy streets make up the inside of the town, along with churches, Mediterranean style houses and squares that are picturesque views to be remembered. 

Another attraction is the of Island Sveti Nikola, which has been dubbed the “Hawaii near Budva.”  WhatsCheaper.com recommends you enjoy the island beaches while taking in the blue skies and Mediterranean tastes that are all around.  Go swimming or take up other beach activities in an area full of marina life and other types of animals such as rabbits, deer and birds. 

For dinner, seek out a cheap, local restaurant and try out an ambient scene.  Indulge in fresh seafood and salads prepared in a surprisingly pleasant way.  As the evening rolls around, you will be sure to see plenty of people out at their discotheques.  There are also bars that are open throughout the night and terraces to hang out at.  Various music types can be found over the summertime ranging from pop to folk, techno and more, along with karaoke, contests and dance programs.

For a different type of journey, head over to Budva, Montenegro.  Enjoy this tourist attraction and coastline with all the fun and excitement that a vacation is meant to be. 


  • 1. Old Town Budva
  • 2. Citadel Budva
  • 3. Mogren Beach
  • 4. Tara Bridge
  • 5. Petrovac
  • 6. Sveta Nedjelja Beach
  • 7. Fortress Kastelo
  • 8. Island of Sveti Nikola
  • 9. Island of Sveti Stefan
  • 10. Perazica Beach


  • 1. Metubes - March
  • 2. Spring Masked Ball - April
  • 3. Fair of Montenegrin Souvenirs - April
  • 4. Budva's Carnival - May
  • 5. Budva Music Festival - June
  • 6. International Dance Festival - June
  • 7. Budva Night - July
  • 8. Theater City - August
  • 9. Montenegro Open - September
  • 10. Days of Sirun - September