By Christopher Feddersen

One of South America’s most exciting cities, Caracas, Venezuela rewards travelers who visit this energetic metropolis with vibrant culture and contagious enthusiasm. Attracting musicians, dancers and other artists from around the world, the constant flow of creativity out of Caracas spreads throughout the Caribbean basin and South America. There is a passion here for public artistic expression and the city thrives on it.

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To begin exploring Caracas recommends a visit to the top of Mt. Avila and into El Avila National Park by cable car. Mt. Avila is a lush, green curtain stretching up from the city of Caracas to almost 9,000 feet above sea level. The Waraira Repano cable car will take you more than 3,600 feet up – more than enough to feel brisk mountain air. The cable car, or teleferico, brings you to a recreational area with restaurants, shops, hotel and ice skating rink. From here, the panoramic views of the city are beautiful and you can see how Caracas takes much of its character from being a major metropolis perched near the sparkling Caribbean Sea. Ask about outdoor music concerts that often take place here. Hiking trails are also available nearby that wind through Mt. Avila National Park offering refreshing outdoor activity. The teleferico continues on to other side of the mountain to the city of Macuto.

Below Mount Avila is Parque Los Chorros, a well-preserved nature area of about 5 hectares that is the best example of the lush tropical flora and fauna found in the Amazon, but close to the city. The park’s waterfall and lush tropical vegetation are a wonderful escape from the city’s busy streets.

To see the heart of Caracas, go to La Plaza Bolivar in the city center which is always buzzing with activity. This is the seat of government of Venezuela, a venue for cultural expression, and a fine example of colonial architecture. The city began here in 1567, founded by Diego de Losada. The Congress meets here in the Capitolio Nacional. There is also the Catedral Metropolitana and the Palacio Municipal making up the important national buildings of the plaza.

Venezuela’s great historic figure and national hero is, of course, Simon Bolivar who is known here as El Libertador. The figure whose legacy includes freeing much of South America from colonialism was born here in Caracas. recommends visiting the Museo Bolivar and Casa Natal where the birthplace of Bolivar is preserved in Caracas’ El Silencio neighborhood. When visiting, it is apparent that great national pride is taken in the preservation of this important place. A splendid addition to the house is a collection of epic Tito Salas paintings portraying the victories and glory of General Bolivar.

Venezuela is famous for paragliding. Even if you’re not a thrill-seeker, the tandem paragliding operations in and around Caracas are safe and professionally- run. They also offer some of the most beautiful mountain and sea views you will find anywhere in the world. Many paragliding companies operate from Colonia Tovar on the western side of the city. recommends a visit to Universidad Central de Venezuela. This university campus is renowned for its architecture and abundant modern art installments set amidst a beautiful, sprawling landscape. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the campus, known to locals as Ciudad Universitaria combines the work of Venezuela’s most famous architect, Carlos Raul Villaneuva with Latin America’s most celebrated and creative modern artists.

A city as busy as Caracas with cars swarming the roads at every hour (gas prices in Venezuela are the cheapest in the world) and passengers constantly filling busses and trains can feel like it is always working. The people of Caracas have their pastimes, too. Among the favorites is baseball. One of the richest sources of professional baseball talent, Venezuela plays the sport at a very high caliber and spending an afternoon or evening watching a game in Caracas can be a tremendous experience. Here, the professional league is called the pelota caliente which is an apt description for the extremely fast style of play.

One of South America’s most vibrant cities, Caracas has plenty of energy at night. A favorite spot to see the lights of the city sparkle is at the Pestana Hotel’s Lounge Bar Avila, a beautiful rooftop with vistas covering virtually the entire city. Once cool Caribbean breezes have reinvigorated you, recommends joining the local passion for salsa dancing. Centro San Ignacio in eastern Caracas is overflowing with dance clubs, night clubs and bars. The primary reason to come is to dance the salsa.

Visitors will find both the city and the people of Caracas to be busy, artistic and always welcoming. See how energetic the tropics can be. Make Caracas, Venezuela your next travel destination with by clicking the links above.


  • 1. Teleferico to Mt. Avila
  • 2. Museo Bolivar and Casa Natal
  • 3. La Plaza Bolivar
  • 4. Ciudad Universitaria
  • 5. Paragliding
  • 6. Salsa dancing
  • 7. Parque Los Chorros
  • 8. Baseball
  • 9. The Museum of Contemporary Art
  • 10. The Botanical Gardens


  • 1. Carnival - February
  • 2. Venezuela International Book Fair - March
  • 3. Nazarene of San Pablo - April
  • 4. Holy Week - April
  • 5. Latin American Music Festival - May
  • 6. Independence Day - July
  • 7. Atempo Festival - July
  • 8. Birthday of Simon Bolivar - July
  • 9. Festival of San Benito - December
  • 10. New Year's Eve - December


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