Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands
By Christine M. Soltis

Take your true dream vacation by entering the luxurious beauty of the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean.  Parade around the main island of Grand Cayman for most of your stay, but don’t forget to stop at sister islands Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.  Throughout your trip, indulge in beaches, snorkeling, island tours and plenty more.

For your search, recommends Owens Roberts International (GCM) airport, which lands within the main island of Grand Cayman.  Secondary airport choices will carry you to the smaller island of Cayman Brac via Gerrard-Smith (CYB).  Follow the provided link to book your flight:   ( Take a moment to book hotel accommodations at the additional link provided by (

Make your first days in the Cayman Islands lazy ones by visiting one of their more than many beaches.  Take a trip to the East End Public Beach and get away from the world while taking advantage of this secluded, idyllic area. recommends relaxing with the sounds of surrounding nature.  Soak up the sun on these gorgeous sands while preparing for the journey ahead. 

Once you’ve had enough relaxation, head over to Kaibo Beach and take in a more festive place of entertainment with bars and grilles.  Pick up some paddleboards; grab your kayak and go!  Drift through waters and end up on sandbars, coral reefs, and mangroves.  While snorkeling, don’t forget to venture to the Kittiwake Dive Site near Grand Cayman.  This protected ship wreckage will add to your vacation views as you experience main decks and endless rooms buried in the sea. 

Now that you’ve gotten moving, believes your outdoor adventure just won’t stop!  Go parasailing at 7-Mile Beach or indulge in more snorkeling at the popular Stingray City or Sand Bar in North Sound.  You have a choice of many locations and snorkeling is available around all three islands.  Dive below and see stingrays, tropical colored fish, turtles and more at any of these spectacular sites.  Among those notable beaches is Smith’s Cove, which is south of the Georgetown area in Grand Cayman.  Here, enjoy white sandy beaches, coral reefs and blue seas that paint a realistically beautiful picture that interacts with a calm and gentle breeze of fulfillment.  

If you prefer to stay out of the water, recommends taking your explorations a different way.  Try a submarine tour and explore the underwater world of tropical fish and coral reefs.  Ride in a submarine that dives just five feet under.  For another intriguing tour, wait for nighttime and take a Bioluminescence Guided Tour.  Hosted near Kaibo, this tour will have you watching the water glow.  Some underwater plants and animals create their own light, shining below the surface.  This exciting phenomenon is naturally-occurring and bays in the Cayman Islands are perfect for such views. recommends a visit to Boatswain’s Beach marine theme park for more exploration.  Boatswain’s Beach is located on Grand Cayman as an expansion of the Cayman Turtle Farm and boasts 16,000 sea turtles.  Experience more of nature with a trip to the Butterfly Farm to see colorful wings flutter in action from across the world.

If you’ve had enough of the outdoors, suggests learning Cayman heritage.  Visit the National Trust for the Cayman Islands to find out about the history of their culture.  While there, sign up for a tour to historical areas like the Bodden Town Guard House, the National Gallery or Old Savannah Schoolhouse.  For natural views, see their oldest stone structure, Pedro St. James.  Check out another treasure of their environment via the Mastic Trail. recommends a trip next to The Cayman Islands National Museum.  Inside, you will find over 8,000 items such as rare documents, coins and more dating back to the 1930s. 
For dinner, one option is to stay in Georgetown and enjoy the bustle of this little city while seeking out restaurants.  Or search other opportunities to try local cuisine and indulge in Tortuga Rum Cake for dessert.  Enjoy a Stingray beer or stay along the waterfront for a continuing evening of fun.

Drift into the Caribbean.  Just south of Miami, Florida, this dream destination is closer than you can imagine.

MUST SEE IN Cayman Islands LIST:

  • 1. Mastic Trail
  • 2. Rum Point
  • 3. Dolphin Cove
  • 4. Spirit of the West
  • 5. Stingray City
  • 6. Blow Holes
  • 7. Pedro Saint James National Historic Site
  • 8. Cayman Islands National Museum
  • 9. Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park
  • 10. Kittiwake Shipwreck

Cayman Islands EVENT CALENDAR:

  • 1. Little Cayman Annual Mardi Gras Festival - February
  • 2. Annual Batabano Carnival - April
  • 3. Cayfest - April
  • 4. Discovery Day - May
  • 5. Million Dollar Month - June
  • 6. Queen's Birthday - June
  • 7. Constitution Day - July
  • 8. Taste of Cayman - July
  • 9. Pirates Week - November
  • 10. Cayman JazzFest - December


Westin Casuarina Resort & Spa, Grand Cayman
Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

While traveling in the Cayman Islands, highly suggests booking your hotel accommodations with Westin Casuarina Resort & Spa, Grand Cayman. The hotel is only 15 minutes from the Owens Roberts International Airport (GCM). Vacationers can hop a cab which is very inexpensive. The friendly hotel staff will greet you with open arms and make check-in a breeze. If you arrive before check-in time, the hotel offers luggage storage so you can use the extra time to start sightseeing on the island.

The hotel rooms of the Westin offer a large assortment of features. There is a color television in each room with cable package. The hotel also offers high speed internet service at a minimal fee per night. Also, most rooms of the hotel offer a balcony for great views of the surrounding area. Other features include a ceiling fan, mini bar, hairdryer and wake up service. Lastly, all rooms of the hotel are non-smoking because the Westin wants to promote a healthy lifestyle for all of its guests.

The Westin has a large number of amenities for guests to take advantage while on the island. Guests that are into fitness can use the workout center to maintain their normal workout regime. There is an outdoor pool for guests to relax in during the warm days. There is a spa with a whirlpool. The hotel offers beach access with wave runners and even scuba diving classes.

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Holiday Inn Resort Grand Cayman
278 Crighton Drive, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands would like to recommend the Holiday Inn® Resort Grand Cayman as the perfect place to stay during your vacation on the island. This resort is located just 15 minutes away from the Owen Roberts International Airport which makes it an easy commute. If you are renting a car, the resort offers complimentary parking for all patrons. Guests can begin check-in at the hotel at 4 p.m. or after on the day they arrive on the island. There are porters to help guests with their luggage to their rooms.

The hotel has an assortment of room styles that can meet the needs of nearly any size of group. If extra bedding is needed, you can purchase a rollaway cot for a small nightly fee. There is a color television in each rooms where guests can watch their favorite shows. There is internet in the hotel and guests show check with the front desk for any fees. Also, all rooms of the hotel are non smoking to help promote a healthy environment for guests.

There are some great amenities at these resorts. One of the best is the beach access that is provided right through the hotel. There is also a swimming pool for guests to relax in if they don’t want to get in the ocean but still want to take a dip. You can also grab a drink at the poolside bar. The resort has the Blue Iguana Grill where guests can purchase meals. Those traveling for work can utilize the business center in the hotel which has internet and other data services.

You will just love your stay at the Holiday Inn® Resort Grand Cayman. The resort has so much to offer and all at an affordable price. You can book your stay at this great hotel through by clicking this link ( to start your search for great pricing through us.