By Jennifer Levin

Copenhagen is situated on the islands of Zealand and Amager and on a number of islets in between them. A very environmentally friendly city, you will see much of the population using bicycles as their mode of transportation. The beautiful harbor is suited for both swimming and boating. These activities lend themselves to the city’s reputation as a plethora of enjoyments both indoors and out.

Copenhagen’s international airport, Copenhagen Airport, is located just a brief train ride from the center of the capital city’s downtown. When you have chosen places to visit and the time of year you’d like to vacation here (and you can’t go wrong!), book your flight with ( Copenhagen is full of historic architecture including castles and archways – such as the one at the entrance to the Tivoli Gardens – squares, and other intriguing and unique destinations. Find the area of the city that provides you with the most access to Copenhagen’s treasures and then book a hotel with us (

The city’s position on the Molleaen River lends to both its natural beauty and its architectural loveliness: the bridges and above and alongside the river contributes to the city’s wandering and subtle but intricate aura. The impressive gate at the entrance to the Tivoli Gardens will certainly draw your eye as you wander the city – and recommends giving the gardens themselves enough of your time so that you can truly appreciate them – they are filled with sources of beauty and amusement including flowers, trees, rides, restaurants, and music festivals of all kinds. If you happen to be in Copenhagen for Christmas, know that these Gardens are a destination point for residents of Northern Europe and tourists from all over the world.

If your taste tends more towards historical buildings, visit the Rosenborg Castle, located right in the heart of Copenhagen. This castle was built in 1606 in what is known as the Dutch Renaissance style. And don’t miss the Round Tower, which is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. Or, visit the Marble Church; you could also plan a day trip to the Viking Ship Museum – an unforgettable experience for the history buff, nautical aficionado, and anyone with an imagination for adventure.

Copenhagen has a number of lovely areas that boast word class shopping and dining experiences that will excite visitors of all ages. The aforementioned Tivoli Gardens is both a traditional and an amusement park and Strøget is the world's longest pedestrian street and is home to many different types of shops and restaurants.  Other specific attractions strongly recommends include the Old Carlsberg Brewery and the world-renowned Little Mermaid statue by Edvard Eriksen, who used his wife as a model for this image of beauty.

If you’ve come to Demark to view Danish and other European art, visit one of the many art museums in Copenhagen; the most well-known of these are the Louisiana, the Arken and Glyptotek. After strolling through the Tivoli Gardens, whether in the summer or the winter, you may find yourself craving more of the enticing scents of fresh flowers; if so, make time in your schedule for the Botanical Gardens of Copenhagen.

“New Nordic” cuisine is just one of the delectable types of food available in this cosmopolitan city. “New Nordic” cuisine is based on nutritional purist principles and includes in its repertoire some of the best, freshest butter, bacon and special regional berries on the globe. recommends that you seek out a restaurant boasting adherence to this type of cuisine for an experience of the true flavor of the region.

Come visit this historic city full of canals, stone and copper constructs, statues and romance. The inhabitants are friendly (and they speak English!), the transportation system is clean and reliable, the air is fresh, the food is good, and we are sure your visit will be memorable.

MUST SEE IN Copenhagen LIST:

  • 1. National Museum of Denmark
  • 2. Rosenborg Castle
  • 3. Museum of the Danish Resistance
  • 4. New Harbor
  • 5. Copenhagen Opera House
  • 6. Kronborg Castle
  • 7. Botanical Garden & Museum
  • 8. Selsoe Castle
  • 9. Sct. Hans Square
  • 10. Vor Frelsers Kirke


  • 1. New Year's Flea Market - January
  • 2. Copenhagen Fashion Festival - February
  • 3. Night Film Festival - March
  • 4. Green Mermaid Festival - May
  • 5. Copenhagen Carnival - May
  • 6. Danish Derby - June
  • 7. Copenhagen Jazz Festival - July
  • 8. Copenhagen Summer Festival - July
  • 9. Copenhagen Blues Festival - September
  • 10. Copenhagen Autumn Jazz - November


Hilton Copenhagen Airport
Ellehammersvej 20, Copenhagen, Denmark
By Rose Overbey

The Hilton Copenhagen Airport hotel is conveniently located right next to the airport. This is great news for tired travelers looking for comfortable accommodations.

Guests are welcome to take advantage of the baggage storage and luggage hold at the hotel if they arrive before check in. There is also a concierge desk eager to assist guests with their needs. Guests will be pleased to find a car rental desk if they plan on traveling around town. There is also local area transportation.

If guests are traveling on business you'll be pleased to find a well equipped Business Center with complimentary printing Service, a Dictaphone and even a fax. There is also office rental available.

Of course it can be nice to stretch out and exercise after a long trip. Guests will be pleased to discover the hotel offers a bicycle rental. There is also a fitness room on site, as well as a jogging track. If guests prefer to relax in a pool, there is also a pool at the hotel. For true relaxation guests can take a time out at the Spa & Wellness Center in the hotel.

There are a variety of places to grab a bite in the hotel. Enjoy a Scandanavian dinner at Hamlet Nordic Dining, featuring gourmet Nordic dishes. Guests will enjoy relaxing at Axis Bar and Lounge. This comfortable lounge serves a variety of beer and cocktails and is a wonderful place to connect with friends and family after a long day. Horizon All Day restaurant is open, well, all day. It serves international fare throughout the day and the setting is an informal buffet. Guests will enjoy the chance to sample a variety of dishes, all in one place!

The guest’s rooms are some of the largest in the area and well-appointed. highly recommends booking your hotel room at The Hilton Copenhagen Airport hotel. You’re sure to enjoy your visit. You can do so by following this link (