Dawson City
By Jessica Howell

Are you a fan of Jack London’s most famous novels such as Call of the Wild and White Fang?  If so, you can stop imagining the rugged landscapes and gold mining towns that were the setting for these popular novels, and book a trip to Dawson City, Canada to see them for yourself.  Located in North western Canada, about 60 miles from the Alaska border, Dawson City is a historic gold rush town with a rich heritage and beautiful scenery.  In 1896, 30,000 people from all walks of life came pouring into the territory in search of gold and changed the history and culture of the Yukon Territory forever.  Today, people still flock to Dawson City in search of gold, while others come to soak up the history of this unique mining town. 

Dawson City’s remote location adds to its rugged charm but does not have to hinder you from getting there.  The Dawson City Airport (YDA) is located just 9 miles outside of the city making it easy for adventurous travelers to get there.  To book your flight to the “Paris of the North,” just click on the following link:  (https://www.whatscheaper.com/flight.php).  This vibrant town also boasts a variety of hotel accommodations.  Use WhatsCheaper.com to book your stay in Dawson City today by clicking on the following link:  (https://www.whatscheaper.com/hotel.php).

When you arrive in Dawson City, WhatsCheaper.com recommends you stay true to the town’s historic roots and try your luck at mining some gold.  As of 2007, there has been 13,389,996 ounces of gold reported mined from the Yukon, with an estimated worth of over 13.5 million dollars!  With gold still to be found in the Dawson area, head to Claim #6 on Bonanza Creek; the same creek that launched the world’s biggest gold rush back in 1896.  Grab a pan, dig some dirt from the surrounding bank, and wash it out in the river.  Any gold you find, you can keep!

Long before gold was discovered in the Yukon Territory, the land was inhabited by the native Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in people.  Part of the larger Hän Nation, the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in community lived along the banks of the Yukon river for several thousands of years.  Unlike many native tribes that were decimated by the arrival of settlers, the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in community maintained positive relations with settlers and held fast to their heritage and culture.  Today, there is a thriving Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in community in Dawson City.  WhatsCheaper.com urges you to visit the Dänojà Cultural Centre and explore native traditions that were here long before the gold rush.  Enjoy guided tours, seasonal displays, hands-on activities, films, concerts, contemporary dance, storytelling performances and special events presented year-round.  The Dänojà Cultural Centre is also considered to be a gateway to all Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in heritage sites such as Tr’ondëk, Forty Mile, Twelve Mile, Tombstone Park, and Moosehide Village.  Admission to the The Dänojà Cultural Centre can be purchased for a small fee and visitors wishing to explore some of the other cultural sites can inquire about accommodations and pricing in the centre.

With the discovery of gold in 1896, the history of Dawson City changed forever.  Explore the history of Dawson and the Klondike including pre-history, The Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in, and the natural history.  The museum’s extensive collections of antique furniture, mining equipment, locomotives, archives, and photographs will transport you back in time, bringing to life a place that you thought existed only in the pages of a Jack London novel. 

In one way or another everything you can see and do in Dawson is a reflection of the town’s gold rush history.  WhatsCheaper.com insists you stay true to Dawson’s heritage by visiting Diamond Tooth Gerties.  Named after a notorious dance hall queen who in order to distinguish herself from other dancers, wedged a diamond between her two front teeth; hence the name, ‘Diamond Tooth’ Gertie.  Today, visitors can enjoy delicious meals, cool cocktails, gambling, and authentic can-can shows.

Finally, no trip to the Yukon can be complete without exploring the areas extraordinary landscape.  WhatsCheaper.com invites you to book a tour of the region with one of Dawson’s many tour companies.  Visitors can choose from a wide range of tour options including gold panning, river cruises, air plane rides, hiking/camping excursions, and dog sledding expeditions.  If you thought gold was the only treasure Dawson City had to offer, think again. Come stare at the sky and be amazed by a midnight sun in the summer or spectacular northern lights in the winter.  Regardless of when you visit, you are in for the trip of a lifetime!

If you are a historical adventurer with a thirst for something truly unique and extraordinary, then book your next vacation to Dawson City today.  With interesting museums, exciting activities, stunning natural beauty, great food, and a vibrant nightlife, you will be glad you came.  Use WhatsCheaper.com to book your vacation to Dawson City and let the adventure begin. 


  • 1. Claim #6
  • 2. The Dänojà Cultural Centre
  • 3. The Dawson Museum
  • 4. The Jack London Museum
  • 5. Klondike Institute of Arts and Culture
  • 6. Diamond Tooth Gerties
  • 7. Tombstone Territorial Park
  • 8. Moosehide Village
  • 9. Forty Mile
  • 10. The Yukon River


  • 1. Trek Over The Top - March
  • 2. Thaw Di Gras – March
  • 3. Dawson City Sled Dawgs – March
  • 4. Dawson Dempster Daze – March
  • 5. Midnight Sun Golf Tournament – June
  • 6. Aboriginal Day Celebrations – June
  • 7. Saint Jean Baptiste Day Celebrations – June
  • 8. Moosehide Gathering – July
  • 9. Yukon River Quest – June/July
  • 10. Yukon Riverside Arts Festival – August