By Christine M. Soltis

Start your vacation in the Caribbean with a trip to Dominica.  Enter one of the top places in the world for diving.  Enjoy whale watching or hike the spacious, verdant artistry of surrounding nature; Choose Dominica for your next adventure.

When preparing to visit Dominica, use its official name in your search: the Commonwealth of Dominica.  This will differentiate it from the Dominican Republic.  When booking, seek flights to Melville Hall Airport (DOM), which will land you in the city of Roseau. provides the following link to book your flight:  ( Choose hotel accommodations at the additional link provided by ( 

Dominica, known as “the nature island,” is full of outdoor surprises.  This island blossoms with thousands of flowering plant species and over a hundred bird types, including two Amazon parrots.  Be sure to find the perfect place to nature watch. recommends a boat ride from Portsmouth to the scenic, tropical sights along the Indian River, which flows into the Glanvilla Swamp.  To spice up your adventure, keep in mind that the Indian River is just one place where the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie was filmed.  If your trek along the Indian River just isn’t enough, recommends you travel about six miles north of Roseau to Laudat and view the rainforest via The Rain Forest Aerial Tram.  Here, you can take a gondola ride for a mile through the rainforest while a tour guide explains the area and adjoining ecosystem.  

For something unique and interesting, take up whale watching at one of the top places in the world.  There are approximately twenty species of dolphins and whales to watch, including sperm whales, which reside there all year long.  Consider trying out the Island Style Whale Watching and Charters tour.  But if whale watching from a boat just isn’t enough, recommends that you take your scuba gear along and prepare for excitement.  Venture underwater for a scuba diving adventure, whether it’s your first time or your hundredth!  You will be sure to view spectacular creatures, coral reefs and other underwater beauties.

If you’re ready to dry out, take to the Waitukubuli National Trail.  This trail continues for over a hundred miles across the island where you will pass waterfalls and waterways, scenic mountain views, the rainforest landscape and more.  If you’re ready to change scenery after that, stop at the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Be sure to stop at nearby Trafalgar Falls to see the “Mama” and “Papa” waterfalls that flow side by side.  Within the park, volcanic activity is more common and you will also be able to see geysers and hot, boiling mud ponds.  Known as The Valley of Desolation, this region includes Titou Gorge, which contains a natural hot springs water ride, waterfalls and other natural geological formations.  Or check out the Emerald Pool and the Boiling Lake. wants you to know that Dominica has 300 rivers filled with waterfalls, so be certain to indulge in these magnificent geographical sites. also recommends the picturesque beauty of the bay with a visit to the western side of Soufriere Scott’s Head Marine Reserve (SSMR).  Near the villages of Soufriere and Scott’s Head, see where past cannon fleets fired warning shots when others approached.  Or visit Fort Shirley, the colonial English area to see ruins at the Cabrits Historical and Marine Park. 

Learn a little bit about Dominica with a visit to the Roseau Museum in Roseau, which displays the natural cultural history of the island.  Later at night, this museum comes alive as a popular place with a convivial atmosphere, great pies and cheap beer.  But first, don’t forget dinner!  Try out Creole for dinner or invest in a Creole cooking tour.  This makes for a great way to learn more about the history of agriculture on the island while also learning about local produce.  Peruse the area and find clubs along the Indian River to enjoy torchlight parties if you want for a more thrilling nightlife.

Dominica:  See an island full of lush nature while experiencing a delightful trip, a memorable treasure. 


  • 1. Champagne Diving, Roseau
  • 2. Fort Shirley
  • 3. Morne Trois Pitons National Park
  • 4. Whale Watching Capital of the Caribbean
  • 5. Waitukubuli National Trail
  • 6. Rainforest Riding, Portsmouth
  • 7. Papillote Tropical Garden, Roseau
  • 8. Canyon Speleo, Roseau
  • 9. Champagne Beach, Roseau
  • 10. Morne Nichols


  • 1. Carnival - February/March
  • 2. Dive Fest - July
  • 3. World Creole Music Festival - October
  • 4. Independence Day - November