Fairbanks, AK
By Brandon Brownlee

Alaska, America's final frontier, a state that is humongous and untamed. Within this state is well-known and highly liked city of Fairbanks. The land is sub-arctic tundra and the winters are usually very cold with summers that are very warm and peaceful. This is a great place to gain a new experience as well as learn the way of the frontier tradition.

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In Fairbanks, the temperature can rise and fall at any time, lasting for ranging periods. The amount of daylight is varied year round.  It will also be noticed that there is a lot of air travel in the area because of the need and use to transport people and supplies from one place to another. There are many small landing strips and zones for Bush Planes

At the University of Alaska Fairbanks, there is a museum that holds the past of the Alaskan traditions and culture. This museum is called the Museum of the North.  For another attraction there is an automobile museum that holds all of your old and famous classics. This museum is called The Antique Fountain Auto Museum.  Any of these museums hold the key to the past of the area of Alaska and the area of Fairbanks. In addition there are many other museums in the area that have to do with the air planes and also dog sledding and many other topics with the Alaskan culture. You can learn many things about the Alaskan and Native Alaskan traditions as well as the wildlife and the hunting game that has been here overtime.

In Fairbanks, during the month of March there is a sled dog race that you can see happening right inside of town.  Sled dog racing has been around for a long time and is a tradition to enjoy. Not only is having sled dogs to race exciting, but it takes a lot of pride and effort to keep everyone and all their dogs safe and healthy. Dog sleds aren’t only for racing purposes. Dog sleds for some people are their daily transportation and a well needed asset to have. Someone who follows the traditions of all their culture will use a dog sled and have a dog sled team. Also now instead of using a dog sled team to get around, snow mobiles are widely used here and throughout the state.

As for other attractions, there are golf courses, and ski resorts to make your stay in Fairbanks exciting and very eventful. Also you can’t forget about all the gold mining that is taking place in Alaska.  Gold mines provide hours of visiting to check out and take a tour. As of recently televised television shows, the know a bouts of gold mining is high and most people are intrigued about how the whole process is done and are interested in seeing everything done in action in person.

Coming to Fairbanks will be a visit that is never forgotten. You will see nature at its finest while seeing the pure details and beauty. There are many things to do in Fairbanks to keep yourself pleased and satisfied. You can’t go wrong with coming here, the city is great, the people are great, the activity list is endless, and it’s a great place for any kind of person to visit and enjoy.


  • 1. Aurora Borealis
  • 2. Fairbanks Ice Museum
  • 3. El Dorado Gold Mine
  • 4. Mount Aurora Skiland
  • 5. Pioneer Park
  • 6. Milepost
  • 7. Alaskaland Pioneer Air Museum
  • 8. Dog Musher's Museum
  • 9. Manley Hot Springs
  • 10. Georgeson Botantical Garden


  • 1. Sandhill Crane Festival - January
  • 2. Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race - February
  • 3. Winter Folk Fest - February
  • 4. Midnight Sun Festival - June
  • 5. Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival - July
  • 6. Nenana Gospel Music Fest - July


Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Fairbanks
400 Merhar Avenue, Fairbanks, AK
By Monicaaz

The Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites in Fairbanks, Alaska, the second largest city in Alaska and recently named one of the top 10 destinations in the U.S., is conveniently located less than 8.5 miles from the Fairbanks International Airport (FAI).  It is central to many great attractions including its historic downtown area, the scenic Chena River, the University of Alaska campus, several ice museums and has breathtaking mountain views to name some.  Though there is no direct shuttle service to the hotel from the airport, getting there is a simple 15 minute cab ride, readily available at the airport, for a fixed transportation fee.

Guests checking in can choose from standard double or king rooms to king suites equipped with their own personal Jacuzzi.   Each of the non-smoking rooms come with splendid customary amenities including big screen color televisions with premium cable and satellite, coffee and tea maker, mini refrigerator & microwave, and high-speed internet access and personal  work desk for in-room convenience.

Located on the grounds of The Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites in Fairbanks their leisure and business guest can enjoy an on-site fitness center, and in-door heated pool with connecting Jacuzzi spa, on-site self laundering service as well as dry cleaning and laundering services and a business center complete with fax machine, copy machine and printer.  For the convenience of all visitants there is complimentary hot breakfast buffet service 7 days a week from 6 a.m.- 9:30 a.m. in the hotels’ designated breakfast area.  For lunch and dinner there are numerous nearby restaurants ranging from fine dining and home style cuisines, deli style fares, Asian inspired meals and a lovely bistro focused on wine tasting and pairings for the wine lovers there.  

Check in at the Inn is 3 p.m. for all guests and check out time is noon on the day of departure.  Luggage storage is available for those guests who may need it at no extra charge.  With its noteworthy amenities, centrally located location and attentive and friendly staff, the Holiday Inn Express in Fairbanks is a smart choice for both the business and leisure traveler.  Visit this link (http://www.whatscheaper.com/hotel.php) now to book your room!