Flint, MI
By Charlotte Morse

Reexamine America’s pre- and post-industrial past in Flint, Michigan, a city that once was a hub of the lumber business and now is best known as the birthplace of General Motors. Located at the base of the thumb of the Michigan mitten, Flint is a rare combination of educational and exciting for adults and kids. From trolley tours to fishing to laser light shows, Flint doesn’t lack in opportunities to experience the world. 

WhatsCheaper.com will assist you in planning your trip to Flint. Bishop International Airport (FNT) services the city, offering no-stop flights from major cities around the United States. To make flight arrangements, follow this link (https://www.whatscheaper.com/flight.php). Once you book your flight, WhatsCheaper.com will also help with hotel arrangements; scan our recommendations and follow this link for the best prices (https://www.whatscheaper.com/hotel.php).

After you arrive in Flint and leave your suitcases at the hotel, you have a multitude of options for activities and sightseeing. WhatsCheaper.com suggests a visit to the city’s Longway Planetarium, the largest planetarium in Michigan. Beneath Longway’s 60-foot dome, visitors can learn about the solar system, attend a hands-on telescope, or sit back and watch the stars. It also regularly hosts laser light shows set to various genres of music—and if you visit Flint during the holiday season, prepare to be amazed by Longway’s Christmas-themed show.

Just up the road from Longway Planetarium is the Sloan Museum. Focusing on Flint’s 20th century, the museum explores the history of the auto industry with interactive videos, galleries, and artifacts. For the true car buff, the Sloan Museum also holds the Buick Automotive Gallery, which showcases dozens of Flint-made, antique cars. Another of Flint’s historical destinations is Crossroad’s Village, a reenacting town modeled after of the turn of the 19th century in the Great Lakes region, complete with artisans and various activities. Notable among activities is the Huckleberry Railroad, an old steam engine that takes passengers on a scenic train-ride through the Village and the surrounding countryside.

For young kids, WhatsCheaper.com recommends the Flint Children’s Museum. Located in the center of town and accessible to people with disabilities, the Children’s Museum is a place where kids with all kinds of backgrounds can play together. The museum includes a stage, clothes and props for dress-up, several play-sized buildings reminiscent of Flint, and a hands-on science center. It also offers a safely-fenced outdoor garden where your kids can run around and get dirty—or sit with you for a nice picnic lunch.

Nearby Mott Lake is a perfect day trip destination. Families can rent a variety of types of boats, including canoes, paddle boats, and fishing boats. Even if you’re not a boater, you can fish and swim from the land. Outside of the summer months, water sports may not be as popular, but the lake is still a beautiful place to walk around.

Other things to do include visiting the Flint Farmer’s Market, the Flint Institute of Arts, taking a low-key stop in a tasty coffee shop, and attending a show at Whiting Auditorium or McCree Theatre. WhatsCheaper.com will help you make your visit to Flint one that will give you years of memories.


  • 1. Longway Planetarium
  • 2. Sloan Museum
  • 3. Whiting Auditorium
  • 4. Durant Toy Barn
  • 5. Flint Children's Museum
  • 6. Perani Arena
  • 7. Flint Institute of Arts
  • 8. Buick Automotive Gallery
  • 9. Flint Cultural Center
  • 10. Whaley Historical House Museum


  • 1. Flint Greek Festival - June
  • 2. Michigan Storytellers Festival - July
  • 3. Flint Folk Music Festival - July
  • 4. Annual Flint Jazz Festival - August
  • 5. Flint Film Festival - October
  • 6. Christmas at Crossroads Village - November/December