Grand Bahama
By Summer Brons

What vacation destination is sure to have your friends begging to squeeze into your suitcase? The Bahamas, of course! Grand Bahama, the fifth-largest island in the chain and the closest to the United States at just 55 miles off the coast of Florida, is a beautiful getaway filled with plenty of sun-soaked beaches and crystal-clear waters. Let help you plan your Grand Bahama getaway!   

Arriving on Grand Bahama can be achieved either by ship or by plane. If the latter, you'll fly into Grand Bahama International Airport (FPO), which is a privately owned and operated airport with service to several popular U.S. carriers. Vacationers can click this link ( to start your search for great rates with We can also assist with booking your hotel arrangements by clicking here ( to utilize our hotel finder. If the island is to be part of your Bahamas cruise, you may find yourself entering the Lucayan Harbour Cruise Facility. Located at the Freeport Harbour, this cruise ship hotspot is 1,630 acres of port for ships and entertainment for tourists. Scooters or buses are common ways to get around the island once you've settled in.   

Grand Bahama is 96 miles long, 17 miles wide, and consists of three major development areas. The first, of course, being Freeport, which hosts the airport and commercial ship harbour. Freeport is known for being a clean city with great shopping and excellent real estate deals. Second, is Lucaya, an important tourist hub. Featuring beautiful beaches and many large resorts, Lucaya is popular with both cruise ship visitors and patrons of upscale hotels. Third, is West End, which is the oldest town and the capital of Grand Bahama island. West End was a popular rum-running port during the days of prohibition, and flourished in the 1950s. In the early 2000s, the city began to see renovation and since then has become a hotspot for luxury condos, fine restaurants, and resort sites.   

Whether you've come to Grand Bahama for relaxation or activity, you can happily have your way. assures you that the island has something for everyone! Stretch out on pristine white-sand beaches, or get right in the sparkling waters. Watersports are plentiful here: go snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, windsurfing, jetskiing, or even swim with dolphins at Dolphin Experience Lagoon. Prefer to stay dry? Go explore Port Lucaya Marketplace, the island's main shopping district. From delicious, flavorful restaurants to specialty boutique shops, the entertainment options are nearly endless. When darkness falls, try your luck at Treasure Bay Casino, a 35,000 square foot gambling paradise; or experience one of Grand Bahama's many exciting nightclubs.   

The island is also bursting with culture, as one may expect from such a beautiful island. From "Rake 'N Scrape" music to the celebratory Junkanoo festival, Grand Bahama has many unique characteristics. Art is important here, too, and can be viewed at a number of galleries. Flovin Gallery, Freeport Art Center, and Leo's Art Gallery are among some of the venues displaying island masterpieces. Glass sculptures, wood carvings, and straw weavings are also authentic Bahamian craft, and can be found on display and for sale throughout the island as well. These pieces make the perfect souvenier to take home to those friends who couldn't quite fit in your suitcase.   

Whether you're looking for a carefree vacation away from the stress of daily life, or an action-packed tropical getaway, you'll find it on Grand Bahama. This friendly, beautiful island has something waiting for each traveler, and would love to help you book your Bahama adventure today!

MUST SEE IN Grand Bahama LIST:

  • 1. Gold Rock Beach
  • 2. Taino Beach Ferry
  • 3. Garden of the Groves
  • 4. Lucayan National Park
  • 5. Casino at the Radisson Grand Lucayan
  • 6. Deadman's Reef
  • 7. Cooper's Castle
  • 8. Port Lucaya Marketplace
  • 9. Parliament Square Cultural Center
  • 10. Count Basie Square


  • 1. Hunt for Bonefish - May
  • 2. Annual Summer Festival - July
  • 3. FLIFF on Location - October
  • 4. Artist Association Thanksgiving Exhibition - November