By Christine M. Soltis

Take a historical trek to experience pieces of history of cultural importance at Guanajuato, Mexico.  Visit architectural structures and museums with mummies while enjoying one of the most attractive colonial cities in the Americas.

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With plenty of sites to see, recommends a stop at the Plaza de la Paz where you will find the yellow 17th century striking style of the Basilica Colegiata de Nuestra Senora de Guanajuato (Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato).  This baroque church is not only an architectural beauty but also holds inside a Christian relic of an ornate statue of the 8th century Patron Virgin of the city.  Along with this beautiful tourist-historical attraction, take some time to see the 18th century baroque San Diego Church or the Compania Church, which was partially designed in churrigueresque. thinks you may also want to mix it up by seeing the neoclassical design of the 19th century Legislative Palace. 

There’s plenty more to see here though!  For some outdoor excitement, visit Union Garden near the center of the city.  This beautiful park is shaped in a triangular pattern and has many state bands performing through the week.  Or check out the Peace Plaza, which holds a marble monument in the center, commemorating the end of the War of Independence.  With the plaza’s almost triangular pattern, there are plenty of aesthetically pleasing buildings around to view within the scenery.  

For museums, recommends some unique visits to the Mummy Museum.  Here, you will find over a 100 mummified bodies, which have been preserved in excellent condition.  For another museum treat, take a stop at Quijote Iconographic Museum, which is dedicated to the famed fictional Spanish character “Don Quixote.”  For a natural history museum instead, visit Alfredo Duges Museum to see a vast array of mammals, birds, insects and other fossils.  With plenty of other options to choose from, recommends an additional search for the one that suits your historical senses. 

For shopping, try out the Hidalgo Market to find local traditional candies or stock up on handmade crafts. recommends that you also take part in one of numerous cultural events and festivities at the Juarez Theater and beyond.  Celebrate the famous International Cervantes Festival in October to enjoy film, music, theater and all cultural arts in between. 

As the evening comes in, take your loved one to Kiss Alley, which is a famous romantic spot that claims eternal love and is created with two balconies that are 23 inches apart from one another.  For dinner, take in the spirit of the town by enjoying a Mexican dish.  As the night wears on, swing over to a disco, cantina or just find a local bar with different style.

Guanajuato, Mexico:  A unique place full of colonial splendor; prepare for a trip that you will remember.

MUST SEE IN Guanajuato LIST:

  • 1. Jardin de la Union
  • 2. Diego Rivera Museum
  • 3. Pozo de Mineral
  • 4. Mummy Museum
  • 5. Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato
  • 6. Monumento al Pipila
  • 7. Juarez Theater
  • 8. Hidalgo Market
  • 9. Guanajuato School of Mines
  • 10. State University


  • 1. Dance of the Flowers - March/April
  • 2. International Puppet Theater Festival - May
  • 3. International Short Film Festival - July
  • 4. Hot-Air Balloon Festival - November