By Lauren Kmec

Heidelberg is a city in southwest Germany that lies on the River Neckar near the Odenwald mountain range. Though it is a relatively small city, Heidelberg certainly does not suffer from a lack of mystique or romance. Heidelberg has a very young population, due to the presence of the well-respected University of Heidelberg. But the city’s youthful exuberance is nicely balanced by its abundance of old-world traditions.

WhatsCheaper.com encourages you to make Heidelberg your next vacation destination. Most flights to Heidelberg will arrive at Frankfurt Airport; a busy but easy-to-navigate international airport located ~80 kilometers from the heart of Heidelberg. As an alternative, some regional flights may land at the smaller City Airport Manheim, which is just ~15 kilometers from the city. Follow this link (https://www.whatscheaper.com/flight.php) to book your flight. WhatsCheaper.com can also help you find a place to stay in Heidelberg. Click here (https://www.whatscheaper.com/hotel.php) to review our hotel recommendations.

Once you have arrived, the Heidelberg Castle is a must-see destination. The castle began as a fort in the late Middle Ages, and it has since gradually expanded to the behemoth it is today. Because the various parts of the castle were constructed at different times, no single architectural style is dominant, though all of the design is impressive. Visitors can tour the castle itself, as well as its grounds and gardens, which are ripe with floral life. Step out onto the Belvedere Terrace for stunning views of the city. For an unexpected treat, WhatsCheaper.com also suggests paying a visit to the castle’s wine cellar. Here you will find the 221,000-liter “Big Barrel,” which is the largest wooden barrel ever to have been filled with wine. Sample the local wines and purchase a bottle to enjoy later at the castle’s wine shop.

WhatsCheaper.com recommends spending at least part of your visit in Heidelberg’s Old Town area, where you can browse for souvenirs at a local market, visit distinguished historic sites, or simply stroll along the Haupstrasse, a pedestrian-friendly thoroughfare that runs parallel to the River Neckar. Old Town is probably the most famous section of Heidelberg, partly because Heidelberg University has one campus here. Heidelberg’s famous Old Bridge extends across the River Neckar and is anchored in Old Town at one end, marked by the Old Bridge Gate. The bridge itself is a unique structure made of red sandstone; earlier bridges built at this site were made of wood, but they were not able to survive harsh flooding and icy winters. Thus, sandstone was chosen for its sturdy qualities when the Old Bridge was rebuilt in the 1780s. Once again, the bridge was destroyed as a casualty of World War II, but Heidelberg’s residents donated their time and money so that the bridge could reopen in 1947.

Heidelberg also features a number of interesting cultural institutions that are highly recommended by WhatsCheaper.com. For instance, the Heidelberg Theatre and Philharmonic Orchestra is a multi-purpose arts venue that hosts a variety of performances, from drama and dance to opera and children’s shows. The resident Philharmonic Orchestra performs here on a regular basis. Additionally, Heidelberg’s Museum of Ancient Art boasts a vast array of archaeological objects of Mediterranean, Etruscan, and Greek origin, among others. The museum’s collection contains pieces dating back to 4000 BC. If you’re looking for something more hands-on, WhatsCheaper.com suggests going to ExploHeidelberg, an interactive scientific learning center that both children and adults will enjoy.

WhatsCheaper.com encourages outdoors enthusiasts to explore the nature paths on Heidelberg’s Königstuhl Hill. The Via Nature Path is composed of two parts: an 8-kilometer loop and a 3.5-kilometer path leading into the Königstuhl conservation woodland. Both paths are lined with picture boards meant to educate visitors about the wood’s flora and fauna. The 2-kilometer Woodland Experience Path is especially great for families. Hikers can experience the sights and sounds of the woods and observe animals in their natural habitat. If you need to take a break or just want to enjoy the solace of nature, there are a number of resting places naturally built into the trail.

Plan your next vacation to Heidelberg to experience the rustic beauty of this charming German city. Let WhatsCheaper.com assist in making your travel arrangements today.

MUST SEE IN Heidelberg LIST:

  • 1. Heidelberg Castle
  • 2. Museum of the Palatinate
  • 3. Old Quarter
  • 4. Heidelberg Zoo
  • 5. Thingstatte
  • 6. Friedrich Ebert Memorial
  • 7. Market Square
  • 8. King's Throne
  • 9. Altstadt
  • 10. Carl Theodor Old Bridge


  • 1. New Year's Day - January
  • 2. Fasching - February
  • 3. Long Night of the Museums - March
  • 4. Heidelberg Fruehling - March
  • 5. German Unity Day - October
  • 6. Christmas Market - November.