Lana'i, HI
By Samantha Sineni

Lana’i holds the reputation as Hawaii’s most beautiful island. Lana’i’s rich landscape and vivid folklore make the island an intriguing vacation destination for all travelers. Escape to tranquility with 47 miles of coastline covered with white sand and clear blue waters.

Travelers must fly to Honolulu International Airport (HNL) or Kahului Airport (OGG) in Maui and take a connecting flight to Lana’i Airport (LNY). The island shuttle transports visitors from the airport to hotels throughout Lana’i, the golf courses, and the Expedition Ferry to Maui. Dollar Rent-A-Car service ensures transportation throughout the vacation. Use to book a flight at an affordable price. ( Travelers can also use ( to book low-priced hotels.

The beaches at Lana’i remain a must-see for everyone visiting the island. Hulopoe Bay, voted one of America’s best beaches, hosts an abundance of marine life. Visitors looking to scuba dive or snorkel will find Hulopoe Bay rich with hermit crabs, star fish, and various other fish species. Beach-goers can also watch humpback whales and dolphins interact in a natural environment. Hulopoe Beach Park provides visitors with a relaxing place to picnic or barbeque before showering and continuing on the trip. Stop at the Palawai Basin on the path leaving the bay to see the area that once hosted vast pineapple fields.

Directly to the left of Hulopoe Bay lies Pu’u Pehe or Sweetheart Rock. According to Hawaiian legend, a young warrior fell in love with a beautiful woman. The jealous man hid his wife in a cave at the base of Manele Bay. One day, while the warrior went to collect food, a storm caused the tide to rise and waves to rush into the cave, drowning his wife. The warrior prayed for the strength to climb to the top of the rock, where he buried her and leapt off the edge. Follow the trail of the warrior to see tide pools, a sea arch, and Shark’s Bay. recommends visiting all of the stunning beaches Lana’i offers. Polihua Beach provides a secluded environment perfect for romantic getaways. Kailohia or “Shipwreck Beach” presents an eerie look at a 1940s oil tanker that wrecked in the stony waters. Kamalapau Harbor remains Lana’i’s primary commercial seaport and supplies the clearest view of the exquisite Hawaiian sunset.

With only 30 miles of paved roads, Lana’i supplies visitors with an abundance of natural wonders.  Munro Trail, beginning north of Lana’i City, takes hikers, drivers, and bikers on a 12.8 mile journey to the island’s highest point, Lanihale. The rainforest provides spectacular views of Maunalei gulch and surrounding islands. Visitors looking for picturesque landscapes filled with rock formations should stop at Keahiakawelo, also known as “Garden of the Gods.” Folklore claims the area lacks vegetation as a result of a fire-burning contest between two priests. urges tourists to support the efforts to protect the environment and culture of Lana’i. Kenepuu Preserve protects roughly 40 plant species across 590 acres. Travelers will find rare species of trees on a self-guided tour or guided tour for large groups. Kaunolu Village, once a favorite fishing destination of King Kamehameha, transformed into a historic landmark where travelers hike through preserved temple and town ruins. Lana’i Animal Rescue Center volunteer project encourages visitors to spend time helping the animals at the Kitty Kamp sanctuary. Guests participate in a pet and purr and donate time to weeding, painting or other activities around the center 

Athletic travelers will find Lana’i the perfect vacation to indulge in sports. Challenge and Experience golf courses supply guests with 18-hole courses with outstanding views of the island. The Lodge Lana’i Equestrian Center allows guests to ride horses along lush and beautiful trails. Maui-Lana’i Expeditions packages take guests to Lana’i Pines sporting clays, Lana’i Pines archery, horseback riding, or either of the island’s golf courses.

For guests looking to shop, recommends stopping in Lana’i City. The Pine Isle Market sells everything from trinkets to native Hawaiian food. The market won the Small Business Administration Small Business Awards and specializes in Japanese and Filipino items. Visitors will also find art galleries and a number of restaurants appealing to all tastes. 

Experience the breathtaking scenery and traditions of Lana’i City. Use to book flights and hotels at a low rate.


  • 1. Hulopoe Bay
  • 2. Lana'i City
  • 3. Sweetheart Rock
  • 4. Shipwreck Beach
  • 5. Garden of the Gods
  • 6. Polihua Beach
  • 7. Challenge of Manele
  • 8. Kenapuu Preserve
  • 9. Lopa Beach
  • 10. Orchid House & Garden


  • 1. Lei Day Festival - May
  • 2. Annual Lana'i Pineapple Festival - June
  • 3. King Kamehameha Celebration - June
  • 4. Obon Festival - July
  • 5. Aloha Festival - September
  • 6. Hookupu Hula Cultural Festival - October
  • 7. Annual Lana'i Film Festival - October
  • 8. Christmas Festival - December