By Bianca Anjuli

Facing the legendary Sumatra sits Melaka, a city in Malaysia with its own colorful past of settlement, vanquishment and re-colonization. Today, it is conveniently situated just south of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital city, and 147 miles north of Singapore. It is precisely the location of Melaka that has always had outsiders intrigued. Melaka was originally a fishing village of indigenous Malays until it was founded, as a town, at the start of the 15th century by the last Raja of present day Singapore. It was conquered and colonized by the Portuguese from Goa in the 16th and then the Dutch in the 17th century, before it was ceded to the British in 1847. Eventually, in 1963, Melaka became part of Malaysia and in 2008 was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With it surroundings speaking to its varied history and a heritage rich in legend, suggests Melaka be a definite on your itinerary for what to see and do in Malaysia.

If Kuala Lumpur is not on the itinerary, never fear, Melaka is a short flight from the capital city and has its own airport. Melaka International Airport (MKZ), or as some may still call Batu Berendam Airport, provides a service for the city and state of Melaka as well as northern Johor, to the east. To book your flight, just click here ( to get started. For options by land, encourages visitors to head north to Alor Gajah District in Pulau Sebang, less than 20 miles, where visitors are able to access the train system that serves the area and connects travelers to the rest of the country by land. The train line, that originally extended into Melaka, was removed by the Japanese during WWII. also suggests the use of inner and intercity bus lines accessible from the Melaka Sentral station. Use in making your travel and accommodation arrangements for your trip to Melaka, Malaysia. Click on the following link to search top accommodations to reserve your hotel stay in Melaka, Malaysia (

During the height of it's rule, Melaka was the center of a prestigious sultanate that reigned over the southern part of the Malay peninsula and a large part of the legendary lands of Sumatra. In modern-day Melaka, the town is full of sights, monuments and impressive architecture. It touches on and are direct illustrations of the history of this land and all who crossed it, revered it and moved on. In their wake remains churches such as: St. Peter's(c.1710), St. Paul's (Dutch burial ground), Christ Church (c.1753) and Francis Xavier Church (c.1849 dedicated to the patron saint of the East). There is Sri Poyyata Vinayagar Moorthi Temple, the oldest Hindu temple in the country, built in 1781 on land given by the Dutch. There is Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, in the core zone of the Unesco World Heritage Site, the oldest functioning temple in Malaysia. Melaka played a large part in the spread of Islam around the Malay archipelago. As a reflection of those times Melaka still houses the Tranquerah Mosque, the oldest in the city and the Kampung Kling Mosque, circa 1784, with strong Sumatran architectural influences.

As part of a region abundant in a multicultural past, Melaka is a good place to find antiques and traditional crafts. Jalan Hang Jebat, or Jonker Street, is known for the antiques on offer there. If travelers have never had the chance to experience Portuguese colonial influence and architecture, Portuguese Square is the perfect opportunity. Amidst the Portuguese settlement, travelers will be thrilled with its color and magnificence and the clear contrast of the European west in the far east. There are at least two more important cultural stops to make. suggests the Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum, touching on the illustrious history of Melaka. The other is, Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum a nod to the cultural vanquishment and evolvement of the town.

Melaka, the historic state of Negeri Bersejarah, is one of the smallest in Malaysia. Yet it's history is as big and noble as any. There is much to reflect on after a day out in the town whilst trying a taste of some Belacan, a delectable Malay specialty, at a local haunt. It is a land worth exploring and a culture worth embracing. When making your plans for Malaysia and Melaka, use to arrange your flight and accommodations. Click on the above links to get started today!


  • 1. Fort Saint John
  • 2. Tu Teja Mausoleum
  • 3. Malacca River
  • 4. Flora de la Mar Maritime Museum
  • 5. Cheng Ho Cultural Museum
  • 6. Saint Paul's Hill
  • 7. Chinatown
  • 8. Red Square
  • 9. Malacca Sultanate Palace
  • 10. Jonker Street


  • 1. Chinese New Year - January
  • 2. Melaka Tourism Week - March
  • 3. Ching Ming - April
  • 4. Vesak Day - May
  • 5. Festa de San Pedro - June
  • 6. Malacca Carnival - August
  • 7. National Day - August
  • 8. Malaysia Fest - September
  • 9. Moon Cake Festival - October
  • 10. Deepavali - November


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