Outer Banks, NC
North Carolina
By Aiden Ryan

The Outer Banks are three islands, connected by bridges, off of the coast of North Carolina; Northern Beaches, Roanoke Island & Dare Mainland, and Hatteras. Each island provides different experiences, portraying their separate cultures and features. The Northern Beaches is the perfect place to keep busy, with shops, restaurants and beaches; you’ll never run out of things to do. Quiet and peaceful, Roanoke Island is a great place to soak up North Carolina’s history. If sunrays are the thing you want to soak up, Hatteras is the spot for you. Hatteras has the sandy beaches and is even quieter than the other islands, allowing time for yourself or with your significant other.

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The small towns and villages that the islands contain are ideal places to escape to when you need a break from the fast-paced city lifestyle. The character that each island possesses gives off a no-pressure vibe that allows you to truly relax and enjoy yourself. You really do slow down when you visit the Outer Banks. Even though you’re on a slower pace, you’re never bored. The amount of new experiences and discoveries open to you guarantees a memorable holiday. If you’re an outdoorsy person, there is no better place for you to vacation. From sportive activities, like surfing, kayaking, biking and hiking, to relaxation, the amazing weather will ensure you’ll be outside for your entire vacation. The Outer Banks also appeals to the foodie in all of us. With over 170 independent local restaurants, there is something for everyone and new tastes to discover.

The Fort Raleigh National, situated at the north end of Roanoke Island, commemorates the first English attempt to colonize the New World. Visiting this historical site will bring you back in time and help you appreciate the history of the Outer Banks and of North Carolina. Another historical and extremely interesting site to visit while vacationing in the Outer Banks, also situated at the north end of Roanoke Island, would be the Wright Brothers National Memorial. With exhibits, replicas, and monuments, you’re sure to be astonished and interested in the work and dedication that went into the first flight.

Speaking of flights, the Outer Banks are only 82 miles from Norfolk International Airport and 192 miles from Raleigh Durham International Airport. The drive to the Outer Banks from the airports is a beautiful one; you’ll have to remember to keep your eyes on the road with all the scenery around you.

Get lost, but not literally, in the peace and quiet that the Outer Banks offers. Enjoy the slow pace and the relaxation of a great vacation. WhatsCheaper.com can easily assist you in booking your stay in the Outer Banks, simply click on the above links and you’re a step closer to scenic beaches, historical landmarks, and ocean breezes. 


  • 1. Wright Brothers National Memorial
  • 2. Cape Hatteras
  • 3. Windsurfing
  • 4. Lake Norman
  • 5. Kill Devil Hills
  • 6. Fort Raleigh National Historic Site
  • 7. Ocracoke Light
  • 8. Paradise Dolphin Cruises
  • 9. Elizabethan Gardens
  • 10. Avon Fishing Pier


  • 1. Annual Outer Banks Bike Week - April
  • 2. Hatteras Storytelling Festival - May
  • 3. Annual Rogallo Kite Festival - June
  • 4. Jennette's Pier's Annual Family Fishing Tournament - June
  • 5. Duck Cup Regatta - June
  • 6. Fireworks at Roanoke Island Festival Park - July
  • 7. ESA Surfing Championships - September
  • 8. Outer Banks Triathalon - September
  • 9. Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival - October
  • 10. Outer Banks Seafood Festival - October