Cook Islands
By Jasmine McGee

When many tourists think of visiting the area of or around New Zealand, they immediately think of the major destinations such as Auckland and Wellington. New Zealand has many different locations that are worth visiting, but don’t forget to explore the beauty of Rarotonga, one of the area’s best-kept secrets.

The beautiful city of Rarotonga is on the Cook Islands, which are in a free association with New Zealand, and the city is a majestic haven of exotic beauty waiting to be explored. The island’s main airport is the Rarotonga International Airport (RAR). The airport is conveniently located in the town of Avarua, Rarontonga, and WhatsCheaper.com can assist you in booking your trip to this island getaway. Click the link (https://www.whatscheaper.com/flight.php) to begin booking your flight. Once you’ve booked your flight, the next step is to find the right accommodations. Rarotonga and the Cook Islands have many beautiful island resorts, as well as luxury hotels. Click here (https://www.whatscheaper.com/hotel.php) to let WhatsCheaper.com ease your mind and lead you to the right accommodation.

Rarotonga is the largest island in the islands that makeup the Cook Islands, and it happens to be a location filled with rich Polynesian culture. The Maoris of New Zealand are closely related to the Polynesians, so you’re bound to also find hints of Maori culture on the island. If you find yourself curious about the rich culture history, then you’ll want to take The Circle Island Tour. For a fee, you can tour the island and learn why Rarotonga is considered the capital of the Cook Islands. The tour travels all the way around Rarotonga and involves rich history, as well as stunning sights that make the Cook Islands such a hidden secret. 

Once you’ve learned about the history, you might want to consider exploring the island and engaging in some active pursuits. The island is a tourist hotspot, but it’s not over crowded. You can enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches in peace, followed by swimming at the Muri Beach Lagoon. The lagoon is the island’s hot spot when it comes to immersing yourself in all things watersports related. For a fee you can rent windsurfers, sailboats, snorkeling gear, and other watersports equipment. For tourists that are more adventure driven, perhaps a lagoon excursion or scuba diving would be right up your alley. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or seeking to a relax, one thing for sure is that the crystal blue waters and bone-white beaches are hard to resist, so be sure to pack a lot of swimwear and sunscreen.

Rarotonga has a lot to offer when it comes to water related activities, but tourists can also enjoy horseback riding, safari expeditions in the mountains, golfing, and hiking. But after a long day of high-octane activities, you’ll want to spend the evening relaxing, enjoying the local restaurants, and catching a performance filled with lively drums, dancing, and fun-loving islanders.  At the local bars and restaurants there is always music, food, drinks, and culture to be enjoyed. Rarotonga is known for having the best “Island Nights” and showing tourists what the Cook Islands are all about.

A trip to Rarotonga, is a vibrant trip filled with culture, dancing, sightseeing, watersports, good food, and ultimate relaxation. Be sure to pack your swimsuit, and get ready for relaxing island nights surrounded by fun-loving islanders and majestic scenery. Rarotonga is on one of the best islands in the 15 islands that makeup the Cook Islands. WhatsCheaper.com is here to help you book your next island getaway.


  • 1. Muri Beach Lagoon
  • 2. Drums of Our Forefathers
  • 3. Titikaueka Beach
  • 4. Wreck of the Matai
  • 5. Maire Nui Botanical Gardens
  • 6. Te Rua Manga
  • 7. National Museum of the Cook Islands
  • 8. Wigmore's Waterfall
  • 9. Tai's Weather Rock
  • 10. Cook Islands Whale & Wildlife Centre


  • 1. Cultural & Island Dance Festival Week - February
  • 2. Song Quest - July
  • 3. Constitution Celebration - August
  • 4. Tiare Festival Week - November