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Mark H

"Easy and fast"

David D

"Couldn't find a place to use our miles"

Fadia M


Shelia H

"Very simple"

Melinda M S

"was easy to navigate."



Darla C

"Streamlined and quick, Thank you!"

Nancy M

"all good"

Andy R

"your holding me up for a response, not cool"

Angie P


Ann G


Judi O


William G

"Very easy to use"

Eric E


Christina H

"We will serif thisnworks"

Charles M

"So easy to book a flight"



Witold C

"Great experience"

Holly P


Sylvia G

"It was quick and easy to book a flight"

Michael B

"It was very easy and fast."

Bernadine W

"I found what I needed without any trouble. Easy to use."

Telly G

"Has a redundant email line"

Robert S

"Unfortunately I had to change a prior reservation and did not buy insurance. My aunt is 91. Had to rebook but your prices were still very good."

Thomas C

"Everything went fine. I am not sure we would fly United again...way too many "add on" fees."

Gregory B

"very good"

Carol M

"no complaints"

Gregory B

"Very good, Bill"

Norman W


Robert S

"Good efficient operation. hopefully your security is strong on cc inforamtion"

Teresa B

"It was so easy!!!"

Andrew L


Xenia R

"Quick,and easy"

Linda R

"many choices and easy to purchase"

Susan R


Aleksandr K

"Clear and descriptive options"

Cheryl C



"I used your service two years ago,the same smooth and precise service this time."

Linda B

"Loved that prices held overnight..:-)"

Charles F

"Very good experience"

Troy B

"Always good"

Jean Marie M

"very quick and easy but I took insurance not enough details was given about the insurance coverage."

Todd M

"Very easy site to manuver"

Laura T


Kristen B


Mark D

"Very ez"

Robert K

"Clear and easy."

Lyda M


Ronald H


Joel P

"good experience"

Dorthy R

"very good so for"

Patricia W

"This was quite understandable for me. I was able to follow through all instructions."

Patricia R

"Easy,so far better than booking w/ airline directly"

Elizabeth H

"Like this sight the best."

Serge B

"It was a great experience"

Akhtar S

"excellent and easy service, had choice of Air lines"

West Point Implement Of Columbus Rick H

"very good"

Jean Lude P


Jimmy B


Salvatore A T

"Very quick"

Don J

"it was great!.. Very user friendly."

Umair S

"Great experience!"

Patricia Ann T

"Glad I found your web site. You were very helpful finding the flights at times I wanted."

Gordon M

"it was good"

Glenn P


Glenn S

"Very good price!"

Ben J

"Thank you"


"Directions were very easy to follow. Thank You Very Much."





Senthia B

"all good so far"

Susan L

"fast and efficient!"


"Very quick and easy to understand and purchase."

Charlotte S

"Wonderful price-web sire very easy to maneuver which I really appreciate"



Ronald G


Scott M

"was quick and easy. Thanks!"

Fassil T


Leah G


Dorothy O

"The process was fast and easy"


"Had problem with last name field."



Selma W


David L

"It was great and very easy. Dave"

Warren R

"Easy enouth!"

Diane W

"fast and easy"

Matthew D


Abby P

"It took a little to long"

Mary A S


Paul G


Barbara M


Irene T

"Easy to use."