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Theresa P

"very Happy"

Elissa G

"Prefer not to amswer until I have my tickets in hand, etc."

June L


Carmelina P


Marcia S

"Quick and pain-free."

Tonya J


Lucinda B

"This was fairly easy to book"

Steven M

"Excellent thanks"

Geraldine M

"So far it has great"

Michelle L

"no problem navigating"

Ann S

"very good"

Florence B

"So happy we have an airline going into Islip"

Gary W

"Quick and easy."



Mark P

"I'm already on your mailing list."

Abby Y

"Quick, easy and great fare."

Clifford W

"It was good until I tried to add Jr. To my name. I tried it after my last name , than after my 1st name neither worked."

Margaret L

"Terrific experience with your site."

Ronald M



"thanks very easy"

Jeanine D

"so far so good but I haven't got on the plane yet!"


"Quick, easy and efficient !"

Quashi M

"It was an easy shopping experience."

David E


Gail F

"thank you"

Hossein R

"Thank you"

Craig B

"liked it."

James R

"first time booking with spirit i hope the flight will be as good as the price"

Diana P

"Easy and quick"

John L R

"1st time here. so far, very easy and competitive"

Nancy A

"easy and reasonable"

Kelly M

"Quick and easy to book"

Lisa P


Mellissa L


Zdenek T

"servis is good"

Carole B

"very easy, not complicated."

Kristel L


Paul H


Shirley M

"Great services"

Donna M

"It was easy"

Ned S

"good so far"

Ben H

"Great deal. I will use this service more in the future."

Marilyn H

"Wonderful! Very customer-friendly procedure"



Nora L

"Quick and easy"

Cynthia L

"quick and easy"

Susan S

"Very good"

Richard G

"Easy to use and done fast"

Marilyn M

"quick and easy to use"

Anna Liza M

"Thank you"



Laura Y

"Fantastic!! I'll do it again!"

Willard F

"Quick servyce"

Diane Z

"Everythng went smoothly and I got a good value. I just told my sister to check out this site."


"loved it!"

John S

"very good"

RoseMarie N

"Went very quickly"

Modesta H

"quick and easy!!!"

Ann S

"this was easy, thank you"

Karl Krumrey I

"easy to navigate thru billing process quickly and easily"

Robert C

"easy to navigate and great prices."

John F


Jeanette S

"Had trouble w purchase page first try"

Kimberly T


Worldgyms P

"it was better than befor much more ez to navig"

Eliabeth S


Vicki M

"I would of liked to have a seat choice"


"It was a pleasure workiing with you."

Linda L

"I am not a frequent flyer, but found making this reservation very easy."

George S


Amanda Gary B

"my first time using this airline will reserve opion"

Debra G


Lorice A

"Booking this flight was simple and easy. Thanks so very much."

Gayle A

"First time using this. It's fine."

Rickey B

"Thank you"


"Great Job !"

Claudia T

"it was fine"

Roger A


Steven P

"Need to see this all the way through"

Arnold S


Leah D

"very easy"

Mary B


Marleny C


Patricia C

"Was a good experience. Thank you."

Maryhelen N H

"could not pick seats"

Carol H


Pasquale F


Leslie R

"quick and easy to follow"

Donna C

"Your web site was easy to follow"

Sonia I

"awesome service."

Leah M

"glad it is done"

Monica W

"I have used this site before with good results."



Lynne C

"Clear information"

Lanny C

"it was easy"