Riviera Maya
By Christine M. Soltis

Explore the mystery of an ancient civilization that was advanced beyond their time with a trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico.  See the abandoned brilliance with a tour of Mayan village remains, totems and other structures.  While you’re at it, seek snorkeling adventure with a visit to Riviera Maya, Mexico.

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Amongst your travels, WhatsCheaper.com recommends a visit to Playa del Carmen, a village full of everything you could desire.  Enjoy the Caribbean surroundings with opportunities for water sports, shopping areas, golf, restaurants, bars and more.  After perusing your surroundings, think about moving in one of the next possible directions.  From Playa del Carmen, you have the option of taking the ferry for a visit to Cozumel.  From Cozumel, make a stop at Xcaret eco-archaeological park.  Here, you will be able to swim with dolphins, play at the beach, hike jungle terrain or float on down the river.  Along with your range of choices, instead, you may want to head south of Playa del Carmen to Playacar, which houses a world class golf course, a shopping mall and other commercial desires.   

Head on over to Tulum, which houses just one mystical archaeological site, which includes a beach.  At this location, you can also see more than sixty structures still preserved and surrounded by three walls.  If that is not enough, head over to another important, intriguing Mayan archaeological site at Xel-Ha, which houses what is referred to as a natural aquarium ecosystem.  This “aquarium” was created by a mixture of underground rivers, freshwater spring currents and the ocean and is surrounded by a thick jungle and caves.  With all of this in mind, WhatsCheaper.com thinks this is certainly a great place for snorkeling.   

Sian Ka’an is another stop worthy of a visit.  A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Sian Ka’an hosts a diverse mixture of biological species of plants and animals.  While there, if you’re feeling lost about the civilization or are just plain curious to know more, guides will be able to assist you in learning about what is known of the Mayan past.  Just for your information, WhatsCheaper.com wants you to know that Sian Ka’an also has two meanings, which are “gift from heaven” and “where the sky is born.” 

Don’t forget to visit the second largest coral reef in the world known as The Great Mayan Reef.  This magnificent sight extends along the coast, filling your eyes with extravagance while leaving you with a preserved memory that you can keep for a lifetime.   

Next, WhatsCheaper.com recommends that you plant your feet in the sands at Akumal, which is another great place for snorkeling and diving.  Join many others by fishing for warm water marine species or take it easy and just hang out on the beach.  Akumal, right in the heart of the Riviera Maya, has a number of apartments, villas, rentals and more.  Akumal is also a prime place if you want to be sure to see sea turtles during your snorkeling adventures. 

Another area to take into consideration is Paamul, which is mostly known for its deep shoreline bay, with the spectacular coral reef view right out in front.  Besides Paamul, there is also Puerto Aventuras, a resort community full of anchored boats, windsurfing and other beach activities.  WhatsCheaper.com also suggests a stop at The Cedam Museum, where you can find artifacts from ships that have sunken along the reefs.  If you plan to hang out for awhile, recreational activities such as golf and tennis are also available.

While you’re wrapped up in such a fascinating world, WhatsCheaper.com recommends a visit to Mayan World to explore.  Once there, you will find totems with hieroglyphic descriptions and plenty more to ponder.

For dinner, enjoy the authentic delight of Mexican cooking.  Afterwards, escape for an exciting nightlife at any of the previously mentioned villages.

Riviera Maya, Mexico; it will continue to be a mystery until you go to learn its history.

MUST SEE IN Riviera Maya LIST:

  • 1. The Jungle Place
  • 2. Rancho Baaxal
  • 3. Crococun Zoo
  • 4. Aktun Chen Natural Park
  • 5. Puerto Aventuras
  • 6. Akumal Beach
  • 7. Xcaret Eco Theme Park
  • 8. Dolphinaris Riviera Maya
  • 9. Half Moon Bay
  • 10. Buceo Xtabay


  • 1. Cozumel Carnival - February
  • 2. Cancun-Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival - March
  • 3. Riviera Maya Jazz Festival - July
  • 4. Riviera Maya Underground Film Festival - October