Saint George
By Jasmine McGee

Looking for your next getaway? Then look no further; the island breeze of Saint George Bermuda is awaiting your arrival. Known for it’s rich history, Saint George is the perfect destination on the island for those tourists seeking to immerse themselves in the history of Bermuda.

Since Bermuda is an island, one of the best ways to get there is by flight. Of course, you can also opt to take a cruise. But if you’re ready to dive straight into the beauty of Saint George, Bermuda, then you’ll want to book a flight to L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA). It’s the only airport on the island and can help you book your flight today. Click here ( to begin searching for flights.  Once you’ve got your flight itinerary, you’ll want to then figure out where will you be staying while visiting the lovely city of Saint George, Bermuda. Well, can help you find the perfect accommodations. Click here ( to find a hotel or resort to stay at while visiting Bermuda.

The history in Saint George is so rich that it’s actually the world’s fifth oldest Northern European municipality in the Western Hemisphere.  The town is the home to the place where British colonists first landed. Prior to the British, the only inhabitants to visit the island were Portuguese and Spanish who were stranded. So it was quite revolutionary for the British to colonize Saint George and help shape Bermuda’s history.

The small town of Saint George’s has a few points of interests. One of the places worth visiting is The Unfinished Church. As part of the Saint George's World Heritage Site, The Unfinished Church is a beautiful “ruin” that visitors can view and learn about it’s history; the church was never finished due to poor financial resources and severe storm damage. So instead of finishing the church, the town decided to restore the ancient Saint Peter’s church.  Once you’ve seen the church, you can head over to one of the oldest used Anglican Church in the area, Saint Peter’s Church. Built in 1612, the church is a beautiful structure with notable graves in the graveyards and an interior with extraordinary features.

If you’re in the mood for a little fun in the sun, then you’ll want to check out Tobacco Beach Bay.  It’s a smaller popular beach amongst tourists, but you can still enjoy the relaxing sunrays and ocean breeze. Up for adventure? Then give snorkeling a shot. At Tobacco Bay Beach you can snorkel in the crystal blue waters of Bermuda and take some cool vacation pictures to show off to your friends. 

Speaking of photos, if you want some noteworthy pictures visit Fort Saint Catherine.  You can learn more about Bermuda’s history and see a beautiful collection of replicas of British Crown Jewels.

Other places on the island of Bermuda are the go-to spots for relaxing, but Saint George is the hub for history. The World Heritage Site is filled with great exhibits that detail the history of the island and you can see first-hand some of the rich history of the island. So if you’re a history buff, then you’ll want to use’s flight finder and book your trip today to Saint George, Bermuda.

MUST SEE IN Saint George LIST:

  • 1. Tobacco Bay Beach
  • 2. Saint Peter's Church
  • 3. Fort Saint Catherine
  • 4. Town Crier of Saint George
  • 5. Saint Catherine's Beach
  • 6. King's Square
  • 7. Unfinished Cathedral
  • 8. Bermuda National Trust Museum
  • 9. Gates Fort
  • 10. Town Hall


  • 1. Peppercorn Ceremony - April
  • 2. Saint George's Market Nights - Weekly May to August
  • 3. Atlantic Cup - May
  • 4. Beating of the Retreats - May
  • 5. Bermuda End to End - May
  • 6. Annual Rubber Duck Derby - June
  • 7. A Somers Evening - June
  • 8. Art Walk - November