Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia
By Jessica Howell

Nestled in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, Saint Lucia is a tropical gem that is gaining popularity with island hoppers and thrill seekers.  Saint Lucia is located midway down the Eastern Caribbean chain, between Martinique and Saint Vincent, and north of Barbados.  Only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide, this volcanic island is teaming with natural beauty and exciting activities.  Hike the might Piton mountains, soak in a natural mineral mud bath, soar above giant ferns on a zip line, or just sun bath on the beach.  No matter what you choose to do on Saint Lucia, guarantees it will be a vacation to remember! 

Saint Lucia is home to two airports:  Hewanorra International Airport (UVF ) and Vigie Airport (SLU).  More than a dozen airlines service these two airports, making it easy to find the perfect fight to whisk you away to this Caribbean paradise.  To book your ticket to Saint Lucia click on the following link:  (  Saint Lucia is also home to world class resorts offering luxury amenities and accommodations.  To book your stay at one of these top notch hotels, click on the following link:  (

Every year tourists flock to Saint Lucia to soak up the sun and explore the island’s gorgeous natural attractions.  This tiny island boats tranquil, turquoise waters, exciting activities, and a vibrant nightlife, without the large crowds that frequent some of the larger Caribbean islands.  One of the most popular hot spots on this tiny island is Saint Lucia’s bustling capital: Castries.  Home to several historical sights, beautiful architecture, and bustling market place, Castries is a great place to explore.  Be sure to take some time to peruse the local market where you can buy fresh local produce and handmade crafts and souvenirs. 

If you find yourself fascinated by Saint Lucia’s unique colonial heritage, recommends you travel to the southern town of Soufriere.  Established by the French in 1746, Soufriere is Saint Lucia’s oldest town.  Like most towns on Saint Lucia, Soufriere has a bustling marketplace that is unusually decorated with colorful murals and gingerbread trim.  Also located in this historic town, is the La Soufiere Drive-In Volcano.  Visitors can literally drive right up to the crater of a collapsed volcano while steam billows up from the earths’ surface.  Although you won’t see any molten hot lava here, this unique attraction boasts bubbling sulfur springs, hissing pools of steam, and geothermal baths and mud pools.  Soufriere is also home to the New Jerusalem Mineral Bath; Saint Lucia’s natural mineral spa.  Fed by natural sulfur springs, the mineral bath features 3 natural pools with varying temperatures.  The New Jerusalem Mineral Bath is tucked away deep in the rainforest and is the perfect escape for tourists looking for a quiet, relaxing, secluded excursion.

You cannot go to Saint Lucia without exploring the island’s lush tropical rainforest.  Venture out on an exhilarating zip lining adventure soaring high above the rainforest floor or opt for a more relaxing gondola ride.  Both excursions present you with breathtaking vistas of the island’s lush rainforest, majestic mountains, and vibrant blue waters.

Towering high above Saint Lucia are the mighty Pitons; two primeval twin peaks that have become iconic of this Caribbean paradise.  Not only are the Pitons Saint Lucia’s most popular natural attraction, but they are also part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Only the most adventurous and physically fit tourists hike these steep mountains, but there are many tours that provide you with the geological history of the peaks, as well as opportunities to snap the perfect picture of these ancient landforms. also recommends booking a tour or booking a charter boat to explore the crystalline waters surrounding the island. 

If you came to Saint Lucia to enjoy the sun and sand, then recommends spending a day lounging on Jalousie Beach.  Nestled at the foot of the mighty Pitons, Jalousie Beach offers visitors a secluded place to swim, surf, snorkel, and sun bath.  Kick back on a lounge chair, gaze up at the Piton peaks, or curl up underneath a thatched umbrella and let the soothing hum of the ocean serenade you to sleep. 

After the sun sets on Saint Lucia, the party is just getting started in the streets. recommends visiting Gros Inlet on a Friday night for a “jump up.”  A “jump up” is like a weekly dance festival where locals and tourists mingle in the streets while they enjoy local food, music, and drinks.  Sample fresh island cuisine from local food vendors selling their homemade specialties and learn some new dance moves inspired by the rhythm of local soca and reggae music.  If you find it hard to decide what to eat, just ask a local!  They will be happy to point you in the direction of the vendor with the best Callaloo soup and rum punch on the island.

Whether you want adventure, relaxation, excitement, or romance, you can find it all on Saint Lucia. invites you to stray from the normal tourist trail and discover this hidden gem for yourself. 


  • 1. Gros Inlet
  • 2. Diamond Falls
  • 3. The Pitons
  • 4. La Soufriere Drive-in Volcano
  • 5. The Sulfur Springs
  • 6. Lucian Style Experience Center
  • 7. Jalousie Beach
  • 8. Saint Lucia National Rainforest
  • 9. Grande Anse Beach
  • 10. Latille Gardens


  • 1. New Year's Day Celebrations - January
  • 2. Saint Lucia’s Independence Day – February
  • 3. Carnival – February/March
  • 4. Saint Lucia Jazz Festival - April/May
  • 5. Saint Lucia Squash Open – June
  • 6. The Rose Festival – August
  • 7. Market Vendor’s Festival – August
  • 8. International Creole Day – October
  • 9. Saint Cecilia’s Day – November
  • 10. International Food Fair - November