San Carlos
By Brandy Simpson

From snorkeling to kayaking to hiking, San Carlos is the perfect beachside escape for any nature lover.  This quiet resort town is located on the Sea of Cortez in the northern Mexican state of Sonora.  Due to its picturesque landscape and clear waters, San Carlos has been the location of many Hollywood films.  Relax like a movie star and plan your next trip to San Carlos, Mexico!

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With warm waters year round, San Carlos is the ideal city for scuba diving and snorkeling.  The following list of dive sites are just a few of the many popular dive locations that San Carlos has to offer: San Pedro Nolasco Island, Martini Cove, Frenchie's Cove, Lalo Cove, Zorro Cove, San Antonio Point, and San Nicolas Island.  San Pedro Nolasco Island, or Seal Island, is a must see for any diving enthusiast.  This pristine island is a protected nature reserve that is home to large numbers of California Sea Lions.  From octopi to starfish, this island will not disappoint in displaying the best nature that Mexico has to offer.

A local hotspot, the sister bays of Frenchie's Cove and Lalo Cove are considered the greatest beaches in San Carlos.  At either cove, there are exceptional swimming, snorkeling, diving, and fishing spots.  At Frenchie's Cove, there is ample opportunity for sightseeing.  The Scenic Overlook Road or Mirador Escenico provides the best view of Frenchie's Cove.

Once you've had your fill of snorkeling, suggests visiting the tiny fishing camp of La Manga.  Here at this fishing village you can purchase fresh fish and clams.  For those interested in voluntourism, there is a small preschool and elementary school that is supported purely by volunteers. 

For a 360 degree view of San Carlos, the best place to head to is Tetas de Cabra Mountain.  A hike up this mountain is full of interesting native flora and fauna, like cacti and yucca plants.  Once you reach the peak, soak in the stunning view of the clear waters of the Sea of Cortez. 

When planning your trip, suggests visiting San Carlos during July when the annual Festival Mar Bermejo takes place.  This festival commemorates the anniversary of the Battle of Guaymas and is a fantastic display of the culture of the city.  From July 8th to the 13th, the city puts on a great show of art and music.  With delicious food and fireworks, you won't want to miss this festival!   

For a tranquil seaside vacation, San Carlos is the place to be!


  • 1. Barajitas Canyon
  • 2. Frenchie's Cove
  • 3. El Mar Dive Center
  • 4. San Pedro Nolasco Island
  • 5. La Manga
  • 6. Scenic Overlook Road
  • 7. Seal Island
  • 8. Tuscon Sailing Club
  • 9. San Carlos Community Church
  • 10. Martini Cove


  • 1. San Carlos All-Stars Concert - February
  • 2. Rescate Grand Bazaar - February
  • 3. Carnaval de Guaymas - March
  • 4. Cinco de Mayo - May
  • 5. Mexican Navy Day - June
  • 6. Annual Festival del Mar Bermejo - July
  • 7. International Billfish Tournament - July
  • 8. Guaymas Anniversary - August
  • 9. Independence Day Parade - September
  • 10. San Carlos Triathlon - October