San Cristóbal
By Joslyn Erickson

Tired of seeing the same version of Mexico in all the old movies and music? invites you to see the other side of Mexico, the origin of the Zapatista Revolution, soak in the beautiful green mountains and sip a delicious cup of locally-grown coffee in San Cristóbal del las Casas. Easily reachable by a short bus ride upon arriving at Tuxtla Gutierrez Airport (TGZ), you almost won’t know where to start your journey! To book your tickets to San Cristóbal just click here ( can also assist with lining up your hotel reservations. To access our hotel finder to start your search, just click this link (

Why not get a feel for the local wares (and food!) by starting at the Santo Domingo Markets? Wandering through the stalls here you can find anything from homemade stuffed animals to temporary tattoos to cheap tacos to jade jewelry, woven ponchos, t-shirts and everything in between! Bring a secure bag (be aware that pickpockets prey on tourists, especially in busy marketplaces), cash and your bartering skills and be prepared to spend a fun-filled couple of hours taking everything in! can guarantee that you won’t leave here empty-handed! Once you’ve been sufficiently overwhelmed by shopping, take a breather in Santo Domingo Church, which the markets are just outside of. You will be awestruck by the intricately carved façade and the cool and calm interior, including the small museum.

If you’re a fan of high-quality jewelry, San Cristóbal is the place for you! Known for gorgeous jade and a range of different colored amber (and, of course, high grade Mexican silver!), there are shops on almost every corner in town. To get a grip on what you’re looking at, visit the Amber Museum and swoon over some of the pieces that the ancient rulers were found wearing! And if jewelry doesn’t set your heart racing, what about handmade leather goods? Backpacks, hats, belts, jackets and shoes can be purchased or even ordered to your specifications if you’re going to hang around for a while, all for a fraction of the price you would pay back home!

Once you’ve satisfied your shopping urge, suggests you get yourself into the picturesque outdoors with a trip through the Sumidero Canyon. In the morning head to the yellow church just off the main plaza and ask for Raúl, a tall man with a smile on his face, or for his partner César. They will help you organize your trip, often combining you into the group they already have, and for a small charge you will be driven to the boat launch where you start a motorboat tour in which you just kick back, take some astounding photos, look for crocodiles, and smile as you enjoy the serene trip through the canyon featured on the State Seal of Chiapas. A brief stop in the town of Corozal means you have time to grab some food in the local market and visit the local church, as well as photograph the town’s central gazebo, designed and built to represent the Spanish Crown. You will be back in town by around 4pm.

After a long day, stop in for a bite to eat at Tierra Adentro, found on Real de Guadalupe, the pedestrian street running through town. While serving food, this location also serves as an art gallery for indigenous artists and contains a Zapatista shop and library where you can pick up more information on the armed struggle that has been an ongoing revolution since the mid-90s. Local women work the store and are always happy to answer any questions you have for them.

San Cristóbal de las Casas is one of the most diverse cities in Chiapas and eastern Mexico. recommends at least three or four nights to properly experience the history, culture, nature and current struggles in the region, as well as the outdoor activities, shopping and high-quality cuisine and coffee! You will fall in love with this “uncharacteristic” Mexican town!

MUST SEE IN San Cristóbal LIST:

  • 1. Mayan Medicine Museum
  • 2. Carmen Temple
  • 3. Amber Museum
  • 4. Santo Domingo Temple
  • 5. San Cristóbal Temple
  • 6. Trajes Regional Museum
  • 7. Laguna Miramar
  • 8. Orquideas Moxviquil
  • 9. Meso-American Museum
  • 10. Na Bolom Cultural Centre


  • 1. Carnival - February/March
  • 2. Festival of Jazz - July
  • 3. Amber Expo - August
  • 4. Independence Day - September
  • 5. Festival Cervantino Barroco - October
  • 6. Day of the Dead - November
  • 7. Virgin of Guadalupe Day - December
  • 8. Festival of San Cristóbal de las Casas - December