By Christine M. Soltis

Is it time for vacation but you just don’t know where to go?  Have you ever considered Italy?  If so, then consider a visit to the wild, unkempt island of Sardinia, Italy, the second largest island on the Mediterranean Sea.  You’ll transport to a paradise of white sand beaches, island inlets and water clear enough that you can see your own toes.

To visit this island, you may travel by ferry or choose from several airports. has found the following three airports that cater to Sardinia, Italy.  The main airport is Cagliari Elmas Airport (CAG).  Another choice, Fertilia Airport (AHO) is located close to the island within the city of Alghero.  Olbia Airport (OLB) also caters to the Emerald Coast. can help you book your flight here at the following link:  (
Book your hotel accommodations at the same time and be sure to follow the link provided by ( also recommends establishing a car rental, as public transportation around the island is not widely available.

Considering that this is an island trip into a place with a mild climate year round; be prepared to enjoy plenty of water sports while taking in the breathtaking coast. recommends a visit to some of the most beautiful beaches at La Pelosa, La Pelosetta and Capo Falcone.  From diving, snorkeling, sailing, surfing and more, Sardinia offers a playground of adventure.  Explore the rugged coasts with the help of a guide, trekking into unspoiled territories to enjoy hikes along the trails, horseback riding, quad driving and more. recommends getting a grasp of the history of Sardinia by enjoying the fascinating historical ruins of a distant place.  Be sure to visit the city of Alghero on the northwest coast of Sardinia.  Enjoy the atmosphere of ancient Catalan walls that still stand in the old town center, along with waters surrounded by coral and palm trees.  Venture down cobblestone streets in the historic area of Alghero, which is full of shops, restaurants and bars that may introduce you to some of the lively and friendly inhabitants of the island.  Because there are so many cities on the island to visit, take a ferry from Alghero to The Neptune’s Grotto in Capocaccia.  From the top of Capocaccia promontory, you can walk down the steps by the side of the cliff and enjoy the view.  The Emerald Coast hosts other cities worthy of a visit such as Porto Cervo, Porto Rotonda, San Teodoro, Cala Gonone, Orosei, Arbatax, Chia, Nora and more.  Explore Sardinia’s “nuraghes,” which is part of a dry, stone, cone-like archaeological structure from the Bronze Age.  Such mysterious and grand displays can be found in Su Nuraxi in Barumini, which was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.  Also, recommends a visit to Nuraghe Losa at Abbasanta.  Plan a later visit to see the Phoenician ruins in Tharros for a mystical adventure.
To get an even better feel for the history of this place, suggests taking a trip to one of its many museums.  The National Archaeological Museum in Cagliari features exhibits of materials found all throughout the island of Sardinia.  The Archaeological Museum in Sant’Antioco houses materials found from archaeological digs in Sant’Antiaco. But that’s not all this island has to offer.  Be sure to check out The Archeological Museum in Pula, The “G.A. Sanna” Archaeological and National Museum in Sassari, The Menhir Museum in Laconi and plenty more. 

Once dinnertime rolls around, stroll into a local restaurant for a feast of grilled fish or recipes with exotic herbs and fine wines. Alghero features dining at its most extravagant, with high-end choices containing lobster.  If you’re feeling bold and looking to try something untraditional, sea urchin or wild boar may be available based on the season.  Sardinia is also known for its honey production and its exclusive wine, which is limited in supply and too costly to ship, so be sure to spend the evening tasting the flavors of far away. 

All in all, if you’re looking for a gem of a vacation, skip on down The Emerald Coast to find a pleasant jewel while creating a lifetime of memories.


  • 1. Andrea Jensen
  • 2. Bastion San Remy
  • 3. St. Mary's Cathedral
  • 4. La Pelosa Beach
  • 5. Serravalle Castle
  • 6. Ruins of Barumini
  • 7. Anghelu Ruju Necropolis
  • 8. Monte Ortobene
  • 9. Costa Smeralda
  • 10. Cagliari


  • 1. Bosa Carnival - February
  • 2. Artichoke Festival in Uri - March
  • 3. St. George's Day - April
  • 4. Sardinia Day - April
  • 5. Sant'Efisio - May
  • 6. Cherries Festival - June
  • 7. St. John the Baptist Day - June
  • 8. S'Ardia Horse Race - July
  • 9. Shoeless Men Run - September
  • 10. New Year's Eve in Alghero - December