Sioux Falls, SD
South Dakota
By Rebecca Valley

The largest city in the state of South Dakota, Sioux Falls is located in the south-eastern corner of the state, where it centers on the Big Sioux River, spread between Minnehana and Lincoln counties. Known as the "Best Little City in America", Sioux Falls has a number of parks and is known for its beautiful greenery and the fact that it is the largest metropolitan area located between Minneapolis, MN and Denver, Colorado.
Sioux Falls has one airport, the Sioux Falls Regional Airport (FSD). It provides flights to and from Denver, Minneapolis, and Chicago, with occasional flights to Las Vegas and Dallas/Fort Worth. can help find flights to Sioux Falls (, and book hotel reservations upon arrival (

Sioux Falls offers a variety of attractions -- due to the increase in white collar jobs, particularly in the financial sector in the last few years, Sioux Falls upped the cultural attractions in the area, incorporating a yearly summer Sculpture Walk into their Downtown scene, with the exhibits changing each year to reflect local and national pieces, a yearly Festival of the Bands which features over 40 marching bands from across the region, the Sioux Empire Fair, a jazz festival, and LifeLight, a Christian music festival.

While in Sioux Falls, consider visiting the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Sciences, which includes two performing arts centers, 6 art galleries with changing exhibits that are always free of charge, and a dome theatre. Some past exhibits include Andy Warhol and Rodin, as well as notable South Dakotan artists that represent modern art from the Midwest. Also in the Pavilion is the Kirby Science Discovery Center, with over 100 interactive scientific exhibits, providing hands-on information about tornadoes, rock climbing, space exploration, and other physical sciences.

The 50-acre Great Plans Zoo and Delbridge Museum is a great day trip for the family, with animals from across the globe, including the African Savannah, and a number of endangered species. The Delbridge Museum of Natural History is a more interactive look at over 150 mounted animals, most of them collected by local Henry Brockhouse, who hunted in the 1940s-1960s and used to display the animals in a hardware store in town. 36 of these species are now considered "vanishing" and are a rare educational resource.

Recently, the Sioux Falls Empire Arts Horse Barn Gallery received support from the National Endowment for the Arts for a program called Writer's Voice, which features nationally renowned poets, who speak at small venues downtown, like the Black Sheep Cafe.

Sioux Falls is a college town, and Augustana College and the University of Sioux Falls both have campuses there, as well as smaller schools like Southeast Technical Institute and Kilian Community College. College students spend time at Suburban Bowl, a local bowling alley, or at the nearby Empire Mall, with many large box stores and small retailers.

For nature lovers, Sioux Falls has Falls Park, which is located on the Big Sioux River and feature hiking and biking trails, an observation tower, and many beautiful sculptures.

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  • 1. Falls Park
  • 2. Washington Pavilion of Arts and Sciences
  • 3. Empire Mall
  • 4. Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum
  • 5. St. Joseph Cathedral
  • 6. SculptureWalk Sioux Falls
  • 7. Pettigrew Home & Museum
  • 8. Sertoma Butterfly House
  • 9. Old Courthouse Museum
  • 10. Sioux Falls Convention Center


  • 1. Renaissance Festival - June
  • 2. Jazz Festival - July
  • 3. Sioux Empire Fair - August
  • 4. LifeLight Christian Music Festival - August
  • 5. German Festival - September
  • 6. Reel Dakota Film Festival - September/October