By Shaina Cook

Pink-sand beaches. Sightseeing. Golf courses. If you’re looking to spend your vacation outdoors, Southampton, Bermuda is the perfect vacation spot for you. With countless beaches, incredible views, and plenty to see and do, Southampton promises to give you a memorable island getaway experience. can help you plan your trip to Southampton, which is about 35 minutes from Bermuda’s only airport, L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA). To book your flight to Southampton, visit ( to find a great deal on airfare. Southampton also has more hotel rooms than any other area in Bermuda, so there are plenty of options for accommodations that will fit any budget. Use’s hotel finder ( to help you find the perfect place to stay.

Located on the western part of Bermuda’s main island, Southampton sits on the shore of Little Sound, an inlet with many tiny islands. Just beyond Little Sound is Great Sound, a larger area of water that is popular for sailing, boating, and other water sports. Queen’s View, named for the spot where Queen Elizabeth II took in the sights of Southampton while visiting the area in 1953, is a great place for spectacular views of the water and sailboats.

Travelers looking for some fun in the sun can visit one of Southampton’s many beaches. Horseshoe Beach is one of Bermuda’s most famous beaches, and is located on the southern coast of Southampton. It is also often the site of beach volleyball tournaments during the summer. If you’re looking for a more secluded beach, recommends going to Jobson’s Cove or Chaplin Bay--both great, smaller beaches.

There is also plenty of wildlife to be seen in Southampton. Whale watchers can visit Whale Bay in March and April for a chance to see migrating humpback whales. If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of some island birds, recommends visiting Seymour’s Pond and Evans Bay Pond, two nature reserves that are the home to many types of birds.

If a round of golf is more your style, Southampton has world-class golf courses for visitors to play. The Fairmont Southampton Golf Club and the Port Royal Golf Course are two great options in the Southampton. You can also take the short drive to nearby Warwick to play at Belmont Hills Golf Club.

For visitors looking for some low-key sightseeing, recommends visiting Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and St. Anne’s Church, two historical sites in Southampton. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is the oldest cast-iron lighthouse in the world and tourists can grab a bite at the Lighthouse Tea Room, a restaurant built in the old lighthouse keeper’s house. St. Anne’s Church, built in 1717, is a great destination for Sunday church services and is located on Church Bay, which is also a great place to go snorkeling.

Southampton is a beautiful beach getaway for those looking for a relaxing island vacation, with historical sites, incredible beaches, and plenty of outdoor activities. Let help you book your trip to Southampton today!

MUST SEE IN Southampton LIST:

  • 1. Gibb's Hill Lighthouse
  • 2. West Whale Bay
  • 3. Royal Golf Course
  • 4. Horseshoe Bay Beach
  • 5. Church Bay
  • 6. Saint Anne's Church
  • 7. Jobson's Cove
  • 8. Seymour's Pond
  • 9. Morgan's Point
  • 10. Stonehole Bay


  • 1. Bermuda Festival of Performing Arts - January
  • 2. Bermuda Music Festival - October