By Ryan Austin

Seated on the southernmost coast of the Gulf of Mexico, the state of Tabasco is an ideal destination for nature lovers, thrill seekers, or anyone looking to explore off the beaten path. Aptly nicknamed “The Eden of Mexico,” Tabasco is a picturesque Mexican city that boasts a number of natural attractions, idyllic beaches, and endless adventure for all.  Whether you’re rafting down the rapids of the river Grijalva, rappelling into the caves of the Coconá Caverns, watching exotic wildlife in the Centla Biosphere Reserve, or hiking atop the ancient Mayan pyramids at Comalcalco, Tabasco has plenty of activity to keep even the most seasoned adventurers busy. Ready to kick-start the excitement? invites you to book your vacation to Tabasco, Mexico today:

Carlos Rovirosa Pérez International Airport (VSA) is conveniently located in Tabasco’s capital city of Villahermosa.  To book your flight to Tabasco, just click on the following link:  ( Just minutes from the city’s Cultural Center and several of the area’s major hotels, the airports prime location allows you to start your vacation straight away. is also happy to assist with your accommodation needs.  To book your hotel in Tabasco, click on the following link:  ( 

Points of interest within the capital include La Venta Museum-Park, which houses one of world’s largest collections of artifacts from the region’s indigenous Olmec culture; the Yumká zoo and wildlife reserve; and the Tabasco History Museum, also known as the House of Tiles for its stunning architecture and renowned art collection. All admission prices are subject to change, so be sure to research each site ahead of time for exact fees.

Adrenaline junkies will find plenty to keep their pulses pounding outside of the capital city. With a landscape dominated by lush tropical wetlands and rainforest, Tabasco has become one of Mexico’s most popular destinations for adventure tourism. Two of the country’s largest rivers, the Grijalva and the Usumacinta, flow through the heart of Tabasco, making it a hotspot for kayaking and whitewater rafting enthusiasts. recommends booking one of the many guided tours that take visitors to explore the area’s many exotic ecosystems.  A sojourn to the state’s southern highlands typically includes a stop at the famed Coconá Caverns, where adventurous visitors have the opportunity to go spelunking into a breathtaking natural labyrinth of caves and sulphur springs. Nature lovers would do well to visit the northern wetlands, home to the Centla Biosphere Reserve and over 500 species of rare plants and animals unique to the region. And for those who prefer something a little more relaxing, recommends visiting one of the pristine beaches lining hundreds of miles of the northern coast, such as Pico de Oro, Playa Azul, and El Bosque.

History buffs may wish to trek up to the Comalcalco region, about an hour northwest of Villahermosa, where they can explore the ruins of ancient Mayan pyramids; among the few in the world open to the general public. Traveler’s interested in Mexico’s colonial era can head northeast to the town of Frontera, home to the first European settlement on mainland America.  Among one of its many historic firsts, Tabasco is also the origin of the cacao bean; the main ingredient in chocolate. invites all the chocolate lovers to visit one of the local haciendas to learn how the plant is harvested, processed, and even sample some fresh locally made chocolate. 

When the day’s exploring is done, a return to Villahermosa is the best place for a quiet dinner or lively nightlife. Restaurants in the area serve a wide variety of modern Mexican cuisine and traditional pre-colonial fare, and the city’s many bars, coffee houses and nightclubs offer live music of every flavor well into the wee hours of the night.

Whether you’re looking for an action-packed thrill ride, an enriching cultural and educational experience, or a serene getaway to an idyllic natural paradise, Tabasco has something to satisfy almost everyone. Before booking, reminds you to check the US State Department website for possible travel advisories in the area.



  • 1. Regional Museum of Anthropology
  • 2. Parque-Museo de La Venta
  • 3. Popular Culture Museum
  • 4. Templo de la Concepcion
  • 5. Comalcalco
  • 6. Convention Center
  • 7. Las Flores Lagoon
  • 8. La Pesca de La Sardina Fair
  • 9. Governor's Palace
  • 10. Miramar Spa


  • 1. Saint Mark's Fair - April
  • 2. Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe - December