By Jennifer Levin

Tampico is in the province of Tamaulipas in Mexico and is one of the most important port cities in Mexico. The city has been destroyed and rebuilt during its several-centuries-long history, and the architecture and layout reflect the different eras through which Tampico has passed. These characteristics, combined with the many sights and sounds of the city and beaches, make Tampico an fascinating vacation spot for any kind of traveler.

You can fly to Tampico International Airport, also known as General Francisco Javier Mina International Airport, from a few cities in the United States or from a few cities in Mexico, including Mexico City. Alternatively, Tampico is about a six-hour drive from the U.S. border. When you’re ready to book your flight, do so with WhatsCheaper.com here (http://www.whatscheaper.com/flight.php). There are several types of hotels and inns to choose from when decided where to lodge during your visit. WhatsCheaper.com recommends booking your stay somewhere close to the city center, as many of the city’s main attractions are located there and other attractions are accessible from there. When you’ve chosen a spot, book your hotel with us here (http://www.whatscheaper.com/hotel.php).

While you are visiting Tampico, don’t miss the downtown area with its dramatic architecture, historical sites and beautiful places of worship. Some of the architecture has a New Orleans-style and was built during times of city growth. There are several particular sites you should incorporate into your exploration. WhatsCheaper.com recommends visiting the Town Hall (Palacio Municipal), the Plaza de Armas, the Plaza de Libertad (a beautiful square located right in the heart of the city), the Customs House, and English building located near the docks on the Panuco River in Tampico, and the Cathedral of the city (located in Plaza de Armas). You may also want to visit the Huasteca Cultural Museum.

Metropolitan Park, located is another offering of Tampico’s you won’t want to miss. Fun for young and old (and in between) alike, the park offers activities, relaxation accompanied by shade and snacks, and easy access to trolley rides of the downtown area or boat rides on the lake. You will also find gardens, trees, and playgrounds. It’s a perfect place to either begin your day with a stroll, or unwind after a busy afternoon by relaxing at a café, sipping a cool drink and watching the residents of the city and your fellow travelers enjoying the park.

Tampico’s lure lies in the fact that it is home to both a bustling, dynamic city center and idyllic beaches. Perhaps the most popular beach in the area is Miramar beach. You can spend a day (or two) here, relaxing and tanning on the fine white sand, wading and swimming through the gentle waves and shallow waters, and watching boats large and small travel the channel connecting the river to the Gulf of Mexico.

You can find fresh seafood along with other local cuisine along Miramar beach. Crab is a local delicacy. Try empanadas, small pockets of dough that can be filled with practically anything, but in Tampico the shrimp are especially well-known. Or try one of their famous “tortas” (sandwiches); the torta associated with this city and region is the “torta de la barda” which has ham, beans, and cheese. WhatsCheaper.com also recommends trying the tamales when hunger strikes you in the middle of the day (or late at night!), which you can buy from one of the many vendors downtown in the city center.

About once a year, the city of Tampico puts on a round of bullfights lasting three or four days. Even if you don’t make it to Tampico during this particular display, the city will offer you plenty to satisfy your cravings for cultural enrichment. The beaches, parks and residents welcome travelers from all around the world. WhatsCheaper.com reminds you to check the US State Department website for any travel advisories in the area.


  • 1. Metropolitan Park
  • 2. Miramar Beach
  • 3. Cantera Rosa Kiosk
  • 4. Old Customs House
  • 5. Theater of the Metropolitan Cultural Space
  • 6. Municipal Palace of Tampico
  • 7. Plaza de Armas
  • 8. Laguna El Carpintero
  • 9. Panuco River
  • 10. Huasteca Cultural Museum


  • 1. Carnival - March
  • 2. Tamaulipas Festival Internacional - October
  • 3. International Literature Festival - November
  • 4. Fiesta Popular - November