Do you like outdoors and a sense of adventure? Then Yellowknife, Northwest Territory in Canada is just the place for your next vacation. Yellowknife was originally built as a gold mining town, but with the discovery of diamonds in 1991, has really grown in size. Today, there are over 20,000 residents and tourism is booming. can assist with booking your trip. Travelers can fly into the city through the Yellowknife Airport (YZF). Just click this link ( to start your search for great prices through You can not only look at our prices but also compare with some of the top travel websites on the internet. Yellowknife has several great hotels in the city and can also assist with booking your reservations. Our hotel finder can be accessed by clicking this link (, and then you can begin your search with just a few clicks of the mouse.

One large attraction in Yellowknife is the Aurora Borealis. The sky is filled with beautiful lights because of the ionization of molecules in the atmosphere. The lights appear in both the North and South Pole. This phenomenon attracts people from all over the globe, and especially Japanese travelers. It is said in Japanese history that a child conceived under the lights will ensure a healthy baby boy.

In the North America there are 2 places that are best suited to view these lights, which are Yellowknife, Northwest Territory and Fairbanks, Alaska. suggests late-November to early-May as the best time of year to view the lights in Yellowknife. Make sure to check out the Aurora Village while in the city for excellent packages.

The next must see in Yellowknife is Great Slave Lake. This lake is known for being the deepest in all of North America and has several cities that border it. Yellowknife is located right on the lake which makes boating, sailing and other water activities summertime favorites. Vacationer can also go on fishing tours on Great Slave Lake as well.

Another great option for the outdoors type is Fred Henne Territorial Park which is an excellent campground and recreational area. Some of the amenities offered here are water skiing, wind sailing, canoeing, hiking, volleyball, and large amounts of other options.

There are loads of other outdoor options available. Vacationers can go hiking on the Cameron River Falls Trail. The falls freeze during the winter and are beautiful to see, but make sure to rent some snowshoes for your journey. There is skiing and snowboarding options at nearby resorts. recommends to all thrill seekers to try out kite skiing while in Yellowknife as it is a wild time.

No trip to Yellowknife would be complete without experiencing a dogsled ride. recommends checking out Beck’s Kennels where they offer various dogsled packages. The experience will be thrilling and is an absolutely Kodak moment. 

In conclusion, Yellowknife, Northwest Territory in Canada is an excellent destination for nature lovers. knows it will be a trip you will remember for the rest of your life. Just click in the above links to get started booking with today.

MUST SEE IN Yellowknife LIST:

  • 1. Aurora Borealis
  • 2. Great Slave Lake
  • 3. Legislative Assembly
  • 4. Beck's Kennels
  • 5. Northern Arts & Cultural Centre
  • 6. Fred Henne Territorial Park
  • 7. Cameron River Falls Trail
  • 8. Frame Lake Trail
  • 9. Northern Frontier Visitor's Center
  • 10. Aurora Village


  • 1. Snowking Winter Festival - March
  • 2. Caribou Carnival Festival - March
  • 3. Yellowknife Music Festival - May
  • 4. Summer Solstice Festival - June
  • 5. Bastille Day - July
  • 6. Folk on the Rocks - July