By Christine M. Soltis

Searching for a distant beach or an interesting island outside of the United States?  If you’re looking for something exotic, why not visit Zamboanga, Philippines: The City of Flowers? thinks that the rare, pink sand beach of the Greater Santa Cruz Island is just one exciting overseas feature to pique your interest in Zamboanga.

Better yet, can help get you there.  Zamboanga International Airport (ZAM) is the primary airport for this destination and flights can be located at the following link ( can help you book your trip overseas and also recommends a search of hotel accommodations. lists hotel choices at the following link (

Zamboanga City is independent of any Philippines provinces.  As a chartered city, it ranks as the third largest city in the Philippines.  The people there speak an interesting language known as Chavacano, which is a dialect based off of ancient Creole Spanish.  However, English is taught to the public as the main language in their schools.  To gauge the history of Zamboanga, recommends a visit to their most major landmark at Fort Pilar, an outdoor shrine and museum that is symbolic of the culture of the city’s past.  After Fort Pilar, continue your history lesson with a visit to Zamboanga City Hall and Zamboanga National Museum to dive deeper into a culture unbeknownst to you.

If you’re in the mood for something outdoors, be sure to visit the Lunzuran Mountains for a hike or just to enjoy the scenic view of a precious landscape.  If you want something with a higher range of activities, visit Pasonanca Park, which has three public outdoor pools, one of which is boasted as being Olympic-sized.  Another pool is naturally flowing, while yet another exhibits waterslides for children.  The Pasonanca Park Treehouse stands as an exciting emblem, which can be rented out for overnight stays.  Picnic areas invite you into Pasonanca Park, which is known as the Philippine’s most visited park and is also equipped with a great look-out point. recommends seeking other activities, such as a visit to the Zamboanga City Golf Park.  As one of the oldest golf ranges in the Philippines, this park overlooks the ocean and is known as one of the most beautiful places with a view.

Once you make it to the rare pink sand beach of the Greater Santa Cruz Island, you will be able to see this amazing color for a three mile stretch around the island.  The pinkness comes from red Organ-pipe coral (tubipora musica) that has been pulverized by surf erosion and inevitably mixes with the original white sands.  This beautiful island is one of the very few around the world which can boast such amazing color.  Along with this rare find of a pink beach, there are also dozens of other options for visits to white-sand beaches. recommends checking into new and exciting outdoor adventures, such as snorkeling or scuba diving.  Nearby Little Santa Cruz Island is just one white sand beach and military institution where such outdoor adventures are made possible.  If Little Santa Cruz Island just isn’t enough, the choices are endless along the Eleven Islands off of Bolong Beach.  Other beach destinations include Pitas Island Beach, Visa Island Beach, Baong Island Beach, Bobo Island Beach and plenty more.

Zamboanga City is your destination for fresh seafood. recommends a search of local options for an endless variety of fine, tropical cuisine.  Bars oftentimes feature cold beer, live music or even karaoke that will help you enjoy the night away.  If you end up at the eateries nearby Cawa Cawa Beach, take an after dinner stroll or ‘paseo’ along the Cawa Cawa Boulevard, which a traditional activity for most locals. recommends a search of recent travel news and a check of proper transportation documents before embarking on this luxurious adventure.  Expand your horizons while taking a journey into a place that is unlike any other destination.


  • 1. Fort Pilar
  • 2. Paseo del Mar
  • 3. Pasonanca Park
  • 4. City Hall
  • 5. Port of Zamboanga
  • 6. Unknown Heros Park
  • 7. La Vista del Mar
  • 8. Merloquet Falls
  • 9. Canelar Barter Market
  • 10. Yakan Weaving Center


  • 1. Sibug-Sibug Festival - February
  • 2. Dia de Zamboanga - February
  • 3. Flores de Mayo - May
  • 4. Kinabayo Festival - July
  • 5. La Hermosa Festival - October
  • 6. Regatta de Zamboanga - October